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Cryptocurrency to invest in 2018


With only one month to go before 2018 starts, we’ve selected 5 new and best cryptocurrencies, we recommend to invest today, before it’s too late tomorrow. Regardless of the recent ups and downs of the Bitcoin exchange rate, ICO investment still remains an attractive alternative for hedge funds and private investors.
The first in the list of upcoming cryptocurrencies to watch is Voxel. Gaming is a huge market and VR Gaming is likely to boom by 2020. Voxel is the VR gaming cryptocurrency. The token was created in order to process transactions in the Voxelus game. The platform of the project enables users to design VR games without coding knowledge! Players can sell their creations or give them out for free on the Voxelus marketplace.
The project positions itself as the Global Low-Cost Digital Currency Exchange that will make exchange fees 10 times lower. The platform will solve such problems as Execution lag, customer support delays, lack of International Service and government restrictions. WCX will support a variety of currencies: BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC and other. Founders of the project guarantee to process 1 million transactions per second. The platform will operate in 190 Countries and 20 Languages.
Ripple offers Direct bank to bank settlements via an Ethereum based platform. The platform of the project was created for enterprise and the public sector and suggests a credible on-demand option to source liquidity for cross-border payments. The company operates in 7 countries from Europe to Asia and has over 100 customers worldwide. Largest banks and payment providers are using the platform for several years already.
Coinstarter offers solutions for ICO campaigns launch, project creation and new coin trading. The platform is operating in over 200 countries, has over 100 k users and has already accepted over 2000 ICO projects. It offers solutions in 9 categories: Innovation, tech, games, blockchain, video & filming, health, community project and home. The platforms allows to start an ICO in one button click on the main page with no fees attached.
Cypherium is a project that was initiated by developers from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Cypherium is a new blockchain that separates governance at both the protocol and application layers. The features of the new infrastructure are scalability, easy-to-use smart contract scripting, identity management, secure messaging and zero transaction fees. The project has Chinese origins and was called one of the most promising ICO’s to watch in 2018.

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