Token swap for ICO

Motivated token holders want to swap their ICOS tokens for the yours in accordance with the IpTS program.

Advantages of IpTs


Placement on the platform

30000 Token holders

Mailing to the encouraged token holders


ICOS tokens can be sold or exchanged

How does it work?

The Token complies with the ERC-20 standard and is not a security in any jurisdiction

You send the tokens of your project to our cold wallet or if the tokens have not been released yet, you should send them immediately after releasing

Your token is exchanged for ICOS, based on the ICOS cost of 0.04 BTC. If your tokens was released, you will receive ICOS tokens within 96 hours after the end of the exchange, or within 96 hours after the release of your tokens and assessing them to ICOS token holders

ICOS tokens can be sent to the exchange market or sold (not recommended)

ICOS tokens can be exchanged for tokens of other projects (0.04 BTC for ICOS)

Blockchain experience

2+ years

Legal Consulting

10+ ICO

Marketing Experience

14+ years

Development Experince

15+ years

Participate in IpTS



1. What is the difference between the tokens between the standard exchange of ICOS and the exchange within the IpTS
  • Within the ICOS program, ICOBox services are paid for a new projects from escrow ICOS. At the same time, the project compensates these costs with its future tokens. Token holders can exchange their ICOS tokens for a new project tokens with an average discount of 75%. In this case, the exchanged ICOS tokens are burned out. Thus, each project reduces the amount of fundsstored in the escrow, as well as the ICOS tokens in circulation.

  • As part of the IpTS program, the ICO project simply exchanges its tokens for ICOS tokens, which it can then sell or exchange for tokens from other projects using the same IpTS program. Exchange within IpTS does not affect on the amount of funds in escrow ICOS, and ICOS tokens are not burned out in the process.

2. What is the point of the ICO project in IpTS participation
  • Free exposure to the pool of ICOS token holders.

  • Additional sales. ICOS tokens have a value and can be traded or exchanged for tokens from other projects.

3. Why we making IpTS

With the help of the IpTS project, we are diversifying the ICOS token holders, ensuring the maximum quality of voting when selecting projects for the ICO ICOS program.

4. How tokens come to us on the platform

They either send us their tokens to our cold wallet, or if the tokens are not yet released, then we place on the platform their promise to provide us with tokens - this is called IOU (I Owe You). In the last case, the client receives ICOS tokens only after providing their tokens.

5. How to transfer ICOS tokens to the exchangemarket

Token ICOS is a standard ERC-20 token, so all transactions with it are no different from the others. After listing ICOS on the exchange, you can do this by a simple send operation from your personal cabinet on the platform. Before that, you can transfer them to your ethereum wallet, which supports transactions with tokens. Please keep in mind that when you withdraw tokens from the platform, you will lose the opportunity to vote and share. These operations are only possible when tokens are stored on the platform.

6. How will tokens be distributed among those who wishes, if demand exceeds supply

Exchange does not happen instantly. Within 96 hours after the launch of the IpTS of each new token, the platform accepts applications from users for exchange. If the demand for the exchange exceeds the offer, then the available tokens will be distributed in proportion to the volume specified in the applications (in this case, it will spend only the number of ICOS tokens corresponding to the number of a new project tokensreceived).

7. What happens to tokens if not all tokens are redeemed

Tokens remain on the platform until the end of the project - ICOS token holders can exchange their tokens for the tokens of this project at any time.