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How do you become a bitcoin miner if you are just-a-beginner?
If you asked “How do you become a bitcoin miner?” 10 years ago we would advise you to install a special soft on your home or office PC, find the blocks and receive the reward. But was this issue interesting for the most people in 2009?...
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Bitcoin miner pool as your real chance to make a profit
If you are just going to mine cryptocurrency, and your starting opportunities do not allow you to build a big farm of ASICs with an autonomous power supply, the bitcoin miner pool is...
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All about litecoin difficulty and how it impacts on the mining process
What is litecoin difficulty and how is this concept related to mining? The latter is no longer something of a hobby. To make a profit the home equipment like a pair of graphics chips or a powerful process is ineffective. It does not provide anythi...
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