The puff puff network


  • Crowdsale opening date - 5 Jun 2017
  • Crowdsale closing date - 31 Aug 2017
  • Symbol -
  • Platform - Blockchain

ICO description

The Puff Puff Network is brought to you by Dogpatch Media, a small team of dedicated developers, designers and activist who specialize in creating, managing and monetizing cannabis related communities and web sites. Dogpatch Media are the people behind the popular cannabis dispensary review site and the cannabis dispensary coupon mailing list, both of which were sold to Crowdgather Inc. in 2015. When we created WeedTRACKER it was a first of its kind site. A community where medical cannabis patients could come together to discuss their problems and organize to protest local governments anti-medical cannabis positions. And now with the creation of the Puff Puff Network, we have once again created a unique first of its kind experience. Now anybody who smokes cannabis for any reason can join a community where they can share their love of cannabis with the world and earn money while doing it.



  • Jon Furry - Development
  • Sande Schwartz - Marketing

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