Paquarium ICO


  • Crowdsale opening date - 22. Jun 2017
  • Crowdsale closing date - 24. Aug 2017
  • Symbol - PAquarium
  • Platform - Blockchain

ICO description

We are building the world’s largest aquarium, yet it will not simply be another giant building hoping to enter the Guinness Book of Records for its sheer size. We are creating something greater – a symbol and the state of the art for architecture, as well as a unique center of entertainment and recreation. The concept is clear. From outside, the size of the aquarium will be only partially comprehendible. The viewers will only see the rift in the crust of the earth. Yet, inside this rift, wonders will happen. The rift will be entirely filled with water, and inhabited by creatures of rivers, lakes, and the ocean. We will openly show every step of the project, every dollar made and spent. We will invest the earnings into a grand social project that gives back something special to the people.



  • Ingus Staltmanis - CEO
  • Andars Ignacs - CTO
  • Rolands Klincis - CFO

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