• Crowdsale opening date - 9. Aug 2017
  • Crowdsale closing date - 15. Sep 2017
  • Symbol -
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

Main pros for ICOS token holders:

- High quality: you can swap your ICOS for the highly credible tokens (ICOBox experts screen out unworthy projects, token holders chose the best of the crop. The funds will be kept in escrow.); - Low cost: token exchange rate of up to 1:5 (discount of up to 80%); - Minimum risks: projects' tokens can be swapped at any stage of their sale, even after it's over – provided they are still available on ICOBox platform.

Here's what the project aims to do:

- You choose the best projects from the requests for ICO we receive (about 100 applications/day); - In exchange for the free use of ICOBox's SaaS tools worth 25-50 BTC to conduct their ICO the new project gives us 120-240 BTC worth of its future tokens. This gives us a 1:4 exchange rate=75% discount on tokens.

The new ICOS tokens will allow their holders to vote for interesting projects which applied to conduct their ICOs using ICOBox's SaaS solutions. It also allows them to buy the tokens of upvoted projects at an average discount of 75%. The ICOS token sale starts August 15 and ends September 15, 2017. The price per token is 0.01 BTC (about $25). The presale starts on August 9, with a 10% discount.



  • Mike Raitsyn - CEO
  • Nick Evdokimov - Vision Director
  • Anar Babaev - CMO
  • Dmitry Khovratovich - Security and Smart Contract CTO
  • Sergei Motov - Legal Counsel
  • Daniel Minkov - Senior Product Manager
  • Dmitry Kovalchouk - Business Analyst
  • Taras Kozlov - Tech Lead
  • Dima Zaitsev - Head of International PR
  • Vlad Shchetinin - Business Analyst
  • Vitaly Pirozhkov - Business Analyst
  • Nikita Marin - Business Analyst
  • Aleksey Kuleshov - Senior software engineer
  • Alexander Nektorov - ICO legal counsel
  • Eduard Dzhamgaryan - Business Analyst
  • Peter Khokhlov - ICO legal counsel
  • Mikhail Vladimirov - Smart Contract Developer

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