The health industry is facing change in 2017. According to PWC’s report,  2017 is a year of uncertainty and opportunity for various medical enterprises in the U.S.  A major shift to value through innovation is expected to happen in American medical companies. It is likely that this shift will affect companies all over the world. It is expected that new players may enter the market using blockchain opportunities. We are keeping track of the health industry and we selected the most interesting medical related ICO’s to date, past, ongoing and upcoming.


Past: 17/07/2017 – 31/08/2017

Though the results of the Bowhead ICO are not disclaimed, it remains one of largest ICO’s in the health industry.  The project has multiple services. The Bowhead project includes a Test Cartridge, a test reader, a dispensing device, spherical gels  and a mobile application. The platform is aimed at monitoring customer’s biometric data to dispense personalized medicine and supplements. Customers can make real-time biometric tests with the dispenser, use it to personalize dosages of nutritional supplements. The app will track the health condition of the token holders, unlock access to expert data and secure the health data. Customers will get rewards for the leasing of medical data to organizations though. The team of the project is professional and credible: among the members one will find medical doctors, scientists, software and robotics engineers.


Upcoming: 13/09/2017 – 13/10/2017

Ambrosus is a blockchain-based platform aimed at improving global supply chains by building an ecosystem that will keep record of the product history. In other words the project’s founders are planning to control the product distribution on all stages from manufacturer to end costumer. The data will be stored securely on the ledger and easily accessible to participants of the ICO. Ambrosus will inform the customers about the origin of the products and what they really consist of. The project will focus on food and pharmaceutical goods. Ambrosus will be the trusted intermediary between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers. The platform will also be a marketplace for all the participants of the market, it will reduce marketing and distribution costs through smart contracts. The CEO of Ambrosus, Angel Versetti, has experience in asset management and trading of cryptocurrencies, he is the founder of ‘Versetti & Co’, has an impressive expertise in social projects and is close to UN.


Past: 31/05/2017 – 3/06/2017

Patientory raised $7.2 million USD (based on current ETH value) and issued 70 million PTOY. Over 1700 investors have participated in the ICO. Patientory is a blockchain-based platform aimed at storing medical records. The platform will enable patients to track their health status and get access to the medical community. Patientory will reduce IT costs for healthcare organizations and give providers the necessary tools to interact with patients and collect medical data. The platform will secure private health information, give access to computing power and servers through a private infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain. Users of Patientory will create their own patient’s profiles, it will be free for use and will enable to track doctor visits, medical bills, personal medical information, insurance and medications. The company has a strong team and an advisory board that spans both healthcare and business expertise including Shawn Wilkinson, CEO of the Blockchain company Storj.


Ongoing: 30/08/2017 – 30/09/2017

Litra is another project aimed at offering free electronic health record (HER) access. The project is U.S. focused only, so the scope of the ICO participants is not expected to be international. To date 7,1 $ million was invested in the ICO. Litra is offering blockchain-based solutions for patients and health organizations. The technology behind the project will open the EHR to the medical institutions without extra cost of adoption of their EMR/EHR infrastructures. Litra app will collect an industry database, provide information on health products and drug prescription. The project will have its own token called Litracoin. LitraCoin will support the digital payment system along with USD payments. Litra is led by Matt Abbott (Technology & ), he has extensive experience in the development of a number of Google projects. Another member of the team is Sergey Akayev (Technology & Cryptocurrencies), co-founder of BitcoinCreditOne, he has over four years of cryptocurrency experience.