Status is a free, open source mobile client created for Android & iOS, working completely on Ethereum technologies.

Full name: Status Research & Development GmbH

Symbol: Status Network Token (SNT)

Crowdsale period: 20. Jun 2017 - 20. Jun 2017

Funds raised: more than $100 million (12M CHF) in less than 18 hours.

Country:  Zug, Switzerland

Native token: SGT, follows ERC20 standard


The Co-founders of Status are Carl Bennetts and Jarrad Hope, the team includes 16 full-time members. Part-time co-workers are also wecome for cooperation. Carl and Jarrad have been working together for 6 years, half of which they were developing software distribution networks. They already have 20 million installs to various software offerings. One of their previous projects was Opulence (, this bootstrapped software network attracted 20 million $ in only 2,5 years.

The advisory board list has 10 people. Among them - core developers of Ethereum, Viktor Tron and Zdolt Felfoeldi, Yessin Schiegg (Chief Financial Officer at Alpha Associates AG), and Bo Shen (General Partner at Fenbushi Capital, a blockchain industry investment company).


The Status team is building a media platform that will enable users to interact without intermediaries. In other words it’s a private messaging app. The platform is

Status is also planning to make an for Ethereum, similar to Google and Apple Stores. It tries to make Etherium a user-friendly platform. The software will provide a simple gateway to Ethereum for users who are outside the blockchain system. The platform has a simple interface, user interaction happens without intermediaries or centralized servers.

The Status application is available for Android & iOS and allows participants to:

  • Secure privacy by sending encrypted messages or payments
  • Browse with decentralized chatbots and applications
  • Protect and control their payments and crypto currency

Messengers allow people to organize and build their everyday life. The combination of a messaging platform and a browser will let Status build tools, connect users safely, manage finances, offer services and communication.


 Status is a mobile media platform with a messenger service, a browser and anwallet. It is built on Ethereum P2P technologies.

  1. Status will enable users to use Ethereum on iOS and Android. The developers of Status offer a simple and clear interface, so users will be able to see, touch and fully interact with the Ethereum platform.
  2. Another important feature is Status Teller Network (STN), an application for exchanging cash to cryptocurrency. STN is an ERC20 utility token.

WHY Invest in Status?

  1. The idea of the project is innovative: developers of the project are trying to integrate Ethereum into the regular digital ecosystem. Status has all chances to become the WeChat of the West.
  2. Members of Status’ team have a strong track record of successful projects. Members of the advisory board are
  3. The idea of integrating blockchain technology with existing applications is flying in the air. Facebook or some other social network will do this sooner or later. Isn’t it better to be ahead the crowd?
  4. Right now, the alpha version of Status is available for Android and iOS and can be tested on Status’s web-site.