6 tips for creating a PR hype for your ICO

Launching a successful ICO without creating a PR hype is impossible. The cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly, new ICO’s are launched almost every day. Your ICO may simply get lost among the other crowd sale projects.

First, you need to get the attention of your target audience. Second, you need to provide the audience with clear and precise information about your project.  You must give as much details as possible on the three main issues: identity of the team, your goals and the security of the investors’ interests.  All these topics are normally covered in the White Paper. Use information stated in your White Paper and just re-write it in simple words. For the rest – follow our tips and create the biggest PR hype the world has seen!

Tip #1: Identify your channels of communication

The main channels of communication are the social media - Twitter and Facebook. Don’t just advertize on Facebook, do more. Browse through Facebook groups, created for Journalists seeking for speakers in digital and tech. Track their posts and suggest yourself as a speaker in the relevant field. Answer questions on sites like helpareporter.com and always mention your project. Create a list of media channels that might be interested in publishing information about your ICO. Connect with CoinTelegraph, the-blockchain.com, Cryptocoinsnews, Coinews.io and more.

Tip #2: List your ICO on other platforms

There are numerous free websites that publish ICO listings. Our site, ICO Buffer is yet the best home for information about your ICO. Other biggest sites include icoalert.com, smith & crown and tokenmarket.net. All the listing sites provide special options: premium placement and advertisement. Don’t use only English language sites, search for platforms in Asia, Russia or Arabic countries and provide them with translated information from your White paper.

Tip #3: Always be in touch with your audience

You should communicate with your audience before and throughout the campaign. Slack and Telegram will be your main tools for communication with users. The main forums are Bitcointalk and Reddit. Some projects even hire professionals to keep the discussions about their ICO’s going. Forum debates involve a lot of people and enable to get feedback from your future costumers. Communication in the Internet is also a way to show that there are real people behind your project. Never ignore queries coming on the corporate e-mail. If you avoid answering questions, the public may doubt your credibility.

Tip #4: Support your PR activity with strong marketing

A Bounty campaign must support your communication program. It is needed to engage participants in your ICO and inspire their activity, using tools similar to the ones multi-level marketing companies use. Reward participants with tokens for promotional activities. Bounty campaign may be a Signature campaign on bitcointalk or bounty for email subscription, as well as bounty for blog posts and media.

Tip #5: Participate in events

Companies, operating on the blockchain markets, are launching hundreds of events around the world. You will definitely find the right one in your city. Conferences, round tables, meet-ups are a great platform for networking, promotion of your project and creating new partnerships. Give workshops and become an industry expert.

Tip #6: Select the best timing for the project

The PR campaign should be scheduled at least 3 months prior to the launch of your ICO. First of all, plan a program of communication with the media. Second, identify the sources that are available to launch a commercial PR campaign. Third, aake sure that all the PR material, including press releases, schedule of PR events, copywriting materials, speakers, are ready before starting the campaign.

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