Market overview

Thanks to the ICO boom new job openings pop up on the labor market each day. The development of the blockchain industry is creating a high demand of professionals, experienced both in digital and financial sectors. It’s pretty clear that qualified specialists are lacking in this area.

The first Bitcoins appeared only 7 years ago, while the intensive emergence of the cryptocurrency market has been going for only a couple of years. The crypto labor market is as young as its players: for example, the age of the CEO’s of the most ICO projects doesn’t go beyond 40 y.o. Moreover it’s pretty clear that almost nobody can call oneself a blockchain guru. Talking of technical specialists, generally companies require strong technical background and understanding of the principles of blokchain technology. Even the biggest corporations are only testing waters. The question is: are they ready to hire young and talented people and teach them basics? The answer is yes and no. Let’s take a closer look at who’s hiring:


Companies launching ICO’s, building new technology based on blockchain or new business applications. The job requirements coming from startups may differ, depending on the professionalism of the existing team.

Tech companies

Intel, Microsoft, IBM have started developing solutions based on blockchain years ago. It’s likely that other large companies will join the hype in no time. But getting a blockchain job in Microsoft is probably as difficult as just getting a job in Microsoft.

Banks and companies in the private sector

From Visa and AirBnb to Barclays – companies are trying to adapt blockchain technology according to their needs. The question is – would the job applicants need to know the company’s business specifics to perform the blockchain job?

Companies providing consulting services

The Big four is hiring specialists. The number of clients in need of consulting grows in proportion with the number of job openings in the area.


Development of blockchain technology has sparked furious discussions in every country. In Russia government officials stated that they would be interested in building a centralized technology based on blockchain. In China the government organizations are planning to take measures and regulate the wild cryptocurrency market. Meanwhile Estonia is planning to sell its e-citizenship using blockchain. In any case blockchain professionals are highly demanded by governmental institutions.

Current job openings

From Project Head to Intern, we’ve selected 5 interesting blockchain jobs around the world you would want to try!


Job: Big Data Software Engineer

Company: KPMG

Country: NY, U.S.

Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Develop a variety of user-centric applications based on business objectives and requirements in intuitive and innovative ways, by leveraging existing and emerging technologies.

Work in cross-disciplinary teams with KPMG industry specialists to understand the business needs, current state processes use cases for leading corporations and organizations.


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Job: Sr. Consultant - Blockchain Developer

Company: IBM

Country: NY, Chicago, Dallas U.S.

Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Navigate the complex environment of working within the largest financial services institutions in the world; deliver subject matter expertise in capital markets; design, develop, and deliver complex Distributed Ledger.


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Job: Head of internet marketing

Company: LAToken (ICO/startup)

Country: Moscow, RF

Salary: 4000 – 6000 USD NET

Responsibilities: Set-up a comprehensive traffic analytics system; launch advertising campaigns; connecting with partner platforms.

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Job: Digital Intern

Company: Warner Bros. Entertainment Group

Country: Burbank, California, U.S.

Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Assist the team on their ongoing digital initiative projects by providing research and assistance on projects related to emerging technology trends (ex. AI, Blockchain, AR/VR and Digtial Identity), as well as other research revolving around social media platforms.

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Job: Project Head, Blockchain And Distributed Ledger Technology

Company: World Economic Forum

Country: San Francisco, U.S.

Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Organize a process of international public-private dialogue and research to identify key areas where greater cooperation among key actors in the field and other stakeholders, such as governments, NGOs, international organizations and other industries could be helpful, including with respect to the development of standards and norms.

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