Social Media Management

Are you going to launch ICO, but do not have an account in the most popular social networks? We will create a corporate page in Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and others, and also open a personal Telegram channel. 

No time to manage media profiles? Our managers in non-stop mode update information both texts and graphics, answer questions and follow the order in the comments for each project. 

The development and implementation of the media plan are at your service, professional authors write articles, reviews, messages and comments. Professional copywriters, designers and community managers work for you. 

Bitcointalk forum is the most important place in the net for all crypto enthusiasts. We are ready to maintain an individual thread on this resource, make a conversation, and give competent answers to the questions of participants. 

  • The number of comments on the forum from regular participants is discussed separately.
  • Creating positive messages will increase the traffic of investors.
  • Your topic will always be relevant, and occupy in the first positions of Bitcointalk. 

Within the community Reddit, we are able to improve the quality of content, increase the number of readers and active commentators. Also in the number of services is the creation of surveys in the amount, which is discussed individually. 

Telegram channel provides for the publication of information regarding your project. The aim is to attract the attention of administrators and the community. Account activity is maintained daily and lasts at least 5 hours per day with 5-10 conversations per hour.


from 4,000 USD/Month

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