• Crowdsale opening date - 22.10.2017
  • Crowdsale closing date - 22.11.2017
  • Symbol - LOCI
  • Platform - Blockchain

ICO description

WandX is a decentralized platform on the Ethereum blockchain which enables users to create, trade, and settle any financial instrument on crypto-assets. Using the Wand Token, users can invest in ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds), buy cryptocurrency futures, and trade in illiquid assets through a portfolio of assets.



  • Abhinav Ramesh - Founder & CEO
  • Sridhar Kolapalli - Platform architecture
  • Dinesh Rekula - Distributed systems & smart contract developer
  • Amit Maurya - Full stack developer
  • Inder Singh - UI/UX designer
  • Vivek K - Strategic partner
  • Shyam Mamidi - Director

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