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Financial data
ICO is over
Main Sale 27.09.2017 - 28.10.2017

Token TELE
Price 1 TELE = 10 MBps/month
Bonus Available
Platform Waves
Soft cap 21.000.000
Hard cap
Incorporated company's country

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Add to Calendar 27-09-2017 28-10-2017 Europe/Moscow Moscow TELE2-teleport TELE2-teleport is an intercontinental backbone communication system and a virtual cellular operator based on TELE2 with calculations in tokens.
TELE2-teleport company plans to build a huge optical channel with high-speed transmission, which will reach about 12,700 km and will pass through the Russian Federation and connect the People's Republic of China with Europe. This project will kill several birds with one stone, namely:
  • the Internet will be more cheaper;
  • the speed of the transmitted information will become more frequent;
  • this network will be used by people in many countries of the world (China, Europe, CIS countries).
The cheapness of the Internet will become a reality thanks to TELE tokens, which can be exchanged and traded by manufacturers of various teleservices. These tokens will open access to the speedy communication channel. For owners of tokens will be possible to interchange them for mobile card with illimitable network traffic. These SIM-cards can also be redeemed in large quantities for later sale. In addition, large enterprises will be able to exchange TELE tokens to acquire access to inexpensive high-speed Internet. Depositors who only count on dividends from investments will be able to resell the received crypto-currency back to TELE2-teleport with a profit of 250%.
Crowdsale opening date - 27.09.2017 Crowdsale closing date - 28.10.2017 Symbol - TELE Platform - Waves
SERGEY SOROGIN - Founder and project manager VALENTIN STEPANENKO - Commercial Director VLADIMIR DOROSHEV - Chief Engineer DMITRY PLOTNIKOV - RTCom supply and adjustment of equipment YOCHAI SHEETRIT - The main developer of equipment GLORY BEGSTEIN - Engineer DWDM VITALIY ILYIN - Senior engineer SERGEY SUSHKO - Leading specialist in the department ALEXEY TYUMENTSEV - Partner for technical implementation of ICO YEGOR SHOBA - Back-End and Blockchain developer ANTON ZOLOTOV - Front-End developer

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