• Crowdsale opening date - 22. Jun 2017
  • Crowdsale closing date - 1. Jul 2017
  • Symbol - SVC
  • Platform - Blockchain

ICO description

SilverCoin (SVC) is a Universal Web Monetization and Community Engagement Platform that rewards you for sharing information and enabling others to do the same, thus solving the biggest problem facing the world today, Centralized Information. It's incentivized by a blockchain-secured deflationary rewards structure that offers a truly unique and equal opportunity to all people. The key to this viral, barrier-less, incentivized, people-powered platform is that it is a plug and pay technology that is as easy to use as posting a link.10 Reasons Why SilverCoin Proof-of-Change: Get Paid for sharing information and enabling others to do so Web Monetization: Perpetually monetize any website in 5 minutes No 'Cost-of-Entry' Barrier: It's free to join and free to earn from day one You Incorporated: Offers free life-changing education on how to build 'You Inc.' Viral Crypto: It's a self-replicating, incentivized & systemized marketing platform Decentralized Information: Facilitates a P2P decentralized information network Deflationary Payout: New coins paid out decrease exponentially to zero Marketplace: Exchange silvercoin for silver bullion and other products Residual Rewards: Optional 2-tier monthly affiliate plan and coin holder payout Get Paid To Change The World: The more you do the more you earn



  • Steve Willcott - Founder and CEO
  • Mark Small - Production Manager

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