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  • Symbol - REX
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

With recent advances in peer-to-peer data distribution and blockchain technology, Rex will provide universal access to real estate information and streamline the transaction process.Rex will start by building a global multiple listing service, creating a data layer that is accessible to everyone. The database will minimize listing fees and maximize listing exposure. In our third phase, Rex will provide users the ability to create sale and lease “smart” contracts. Benefits include a savings on time, communication, and administrative costs. Finally, Rex will develop an architecture to create tokenized contracts with an exchange where property tokens can be traded.



  • Stephen King - Principal & Co-founder
  • Russell McLernon - Principal & Co-founder
  • Duke Long - Advisor
  • William King - Advisor
  • John Balian - Advisor
  • Ron Griffel - Creative Director
  • Ari Kaplan - UI/UX Strategist

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