• Crowdsale opening date - to be announced
  • Crowdsale closing date -  to be announced
  • Symbol - ORB
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

Orb utilizes platform software based on its own distributed ledger technology "Orb DLT"  to provide Fintech solution to revitalize the community economy. Orb DLT (Orb Distributed Ledger Technology) is a highly practical distributed ledger technology. Apollo which is a non-centrally managed data operating system that executes data management and processing regardless of a specific computer, it is possible to flexibly and simply define the behavior of transactions in currencies and contract applications, and securely and highly parallelize the transaction It consists of three components: Core, which is a middleware that allows you to run Fontech applications on Core, and Toolbox that consists of SDKs and libraries to make it easy to develop Fintech applications on Core.



  • Masa Nakatsu - CEO and Founder
  • Sherwin Faden - COO
  • Hiroyuki Yamada - CTO
  • Wataru Fukatsu - CBO(Chief Business Officer)
  • Ace Yamaguchi - Product Management Advisory
  • Louis Zeun - Chief Architect
  • Dennis Jarvis - Product Lead
  • Takehito Yoshida - Product Lead
  • Yuji Ito - Senior Software Engineer
  • Satoshi Hikida - Experienced software engineer
  • Amogh Garg - Software Developer
  • Arnaud Wolf - Software engineer
  • Shuku Tanizaki - Back office manager and team photographer
  • Dan Merritt - Senior software engineer

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