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Open Source University

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Financial data
163 days left
Main Sale 04.06.2018 - 01.07.2018

Token EDU
Price 0.8 USD
Bonus %
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap
Hard cap 44000 USD
Incorporated company's country Bulgaria

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Add to Calendar 04-06-2018 01-07-2018 Europe/Moscow Moscow Open Source University The World's Academic & Career Development Ledger
Empowering 7 billion learners to connect to world's top academic education and professional development opportunities on the Ethereum blockchain.  

Crowdsale opening date – 04.06.2018
Crowdsale closing date – 01.07.2018
Symbol – EDU
Platform – Ethereum

H2 2018
H1 2019
H2 2019
Hristian Daskalov
Project Lead
Prof. Kevin Dowd
Visionary & Token Economics Lead
Jordan Jambazov
Technology Lead
Gordon Kerr
Senior Investment Adviser
Momchil Jambazov
Creative Technologist
Dobromir Kovachev
Blockchain Developer
Vladimir Tasev
Blockchain Developer
Detelina Smilkova
Senior Academia Adviser
Justin Looney
Project Supporter

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