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Naga Group

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Main Sale 01.12.2017 - 15.12.2017

Token NGC
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap
Hard cap
Incorporated company's country

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Add to Calendar 01-12-2017 15-12-2017 Europe/Moscow Moscow Naga Group Smart Cryptocurrency for gaming and trading
NAGA is a public listed, EU-regulated German Fintech company with trading-platforms for financial markets and virtual goods, a market cap of more than 200m Euros, millions in revenues and billions in trading volume every month. Investments and trading are ruled and governed by greedy banks and corporates that control access, operate non-transparent and always take a cut of your money. By introducing the NAGA COIN, they are on a mission to revolutionize the outdated banking sector.

Crowdsale opening date – 01.12.2017
Crowdsale closing date – 15.12.2017
Symbol – NGC
Platform – Ethereum

Nicholas Thomas
Managing Director
Resad Zacina
Chief Project Manager
Faris Zacina
Chief of Tech Operations
Anton Kudryavtsev
Integrations & Security
Igor Zinkovsky
Trading API
Alexey Kislin
Blockchain Developer
Denis Kolyada
DBA & Blockchain expert

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