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13 days left
Main Sale 29.11.2017 - 01.02.2018

Token KYC token
Price $1
Bonus Up to 60%
Platform ERC20
Soft cap 1 mln.
Hard cap
Incorporated company's country

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Add to Calendar 29-11-2017 01-02-2018 Europe/Moscow Moscow KYC.LEGAL KYC.LEGAL Service that allows to verify users and to prevent fraud.
KYC Legal is a service that allows to verify users. It is based on blockchain technology as a tool for protecting and validating personal data of Internet users. Main KYC Legal features
  • Digital signature
KYC Legal allows users to certify any document with their signature. Digital signature usage implies full control over the integrity of transmitted electronic document: in case of any accidental or intentional alteration of it the digital signature becomes invalid, because it is generated according to the original state of the document and corresponds only to it. As a digital signature user ID will be used.
  • User verification
Presentation scheme
  • Validation of documents
KYC Legal application is an electronic identifier similar to passport, which provides its owner with an access to different services and rights: medical prescriptions, certificates, college diplomas, etc. Such delegated authorities and organizations as medical institutions, insurance company or a university, can verify these documents using KYC Legal application.
Daniil Rausov
Sergei Bekrenev
Nick Evdokimov
Strategy Director
Eugene Zonov
Matteo Rossant
Artem Haritonov
Stanislav Bulatkin
Tech Lead
Oleg Dyakov
Ux/ Ui Designer korean

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