• Crowdsale opening date - 12. Sep 2017
  • Crowdsale closing date - 26. Sep 2017
  • Symbol - KIN
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

Kik Interactive Inc. is creating a cryptocurrency as a first step to launching a decentralized ecosystem of digital services. The Kin cryptocurrency will first power a digital economy inside of Kik, and then will serve as the basis of interoperability with other digital services in the Kin Ecosystem.



  • Ted Livingston - Founder & CEO, Kik
  • Peter Heinke - CFO & COO, Kik
  • Eran Ben-Ari - CPO, Kik
  • Dany Fishel - President, Kik Israel
  • Alim Dhanji - Chief People Officer
  • Erin Clift - CMO, Kik
  • Dave Simons - SVP Engineering, Kik

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