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Financial data
ICO over
25.11.2017 - 09.12.2017

Token LEND
Price 25,000 LEND = 1 ETH
Bonus 5%, 10%, 20%
Platform   Ethereum
Soft cap

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Add to Calendar 25-11-2017 09-12-2017 Europe/Moscow Moscow ETHLend Decentraling lending for everyone

ETHLend brings decentralized lending on the Ethereum Blockchain. ETHLend enables everyone to participate and profit from international lending. It decentralizes the entire process using Blockchain technology and takes lending from banks and regulators to everyone, empowering every participants to lend in a free market. This leads to fair interest rates all over the globe. This brings international access to free markets and new ways to participate in lending, where everyone, not only banks, is able to profit. The blockchain advantages are, fast transactions, security by design and through the use of tokens as collaterals for loans and excellent execution through smart contracts. ETHLends timeline that aims to create major advantages: FIAT-pegged lending, allowing lenders and borrowers to receive loans and payback in FIAT, avoiding crypto volatility and increasing use cases; Crowd lending, allowing for large loans to be financed by a crowd, distributing the risk and increasing the volume of loan fundability; Automated Credit risk assessment through an advanced machine learning algorithm.  

Crowdsale opening date - 25.11.2017
Crowdsale closing date - 09.12.2017
Symbol - LEND
Platform - Ethereum

Stani Kulechov - Founder
Jordan Lazaro Gustave - Head of Management
Martin Wichmann - Head of token sale
Kersten Schütze - Head of corporate strategy
Sergej Stein - Financial advisor
Adnan Javed - Legal advisor
Jitendra Chittoda - Technical advisor
Amir Dib - Technical advisor
Jin Park - Head of Marketing
Edmund To - Full stack software engineer
Jesmer Wong - Developer & Advisor
Anastasija Plotnikova - Russian advisor & translations
Nolvia Serrano - Media Correspondent
Disa Braun - Copywriting & Brand advisor
Scott Malsbury - Head of communications
Rowan Van Ginkel - Graphics & Visualisation
Luca Cotta - Community Manager
Opinder Preet Singh - Local advisor in Indian subcontinent
Kelly Ann Pope - Social media manager

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