Estate Coin


  • Crowdsale opening date - to be announced
  • Crowdsale closing date - to be announced
  • Symbol -
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

Estate Coin offers a symbiosis of high returns of information technology with a conservative asset in the real estate market. Real estate is an asset that has a high reliability and liquidity rating.
The project solves this problem by integrating a mining farm into the infrastructure of the house. Mining gives additional income, which makes real estate investment very attractive. The combination of profitability and reliability allows us to view our project as an excellent opportunity for diversification.
Therefore, special attention is focused on the symbiosis of information technologies and technologies for the construction of residential buildings. In particular, the use of the heat recovery technology, which is allocated by the crypto-currency miners, in the heat supply of a residential house.



  • Oleg Kirillov - CEO
  • Andrew Makeev - CFO
  • Serg Nogai - CTO
  • Ivan Egorov - CBDO
  • Alexander Shulgin - Leading Specialist in Blockchain technologies
  • Alexandr Komlev - Project Engineer

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