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Enjoy Life

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Financial data
ICO over
Main Sale 01.12.2017 - 15.01.2018

Token ENJL
Price 1 ENJL = 0.5 USD
Bonus 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 50%
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap
Hard cap 10,000,000 ENJL
Incorporated company's country

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Add to Calendar 01-12-2017 15-01-2018 Europe/Moscow Moscow Enjoy Life
Enjoy Life - is a multicurrency based financial platform, which combines in itself 5 main elements: multicurrency wallet, payment system, trading platform, international marketplace and discount program. We aim to create a universal payment ecosystem capable of uniting the real sector of the economy and the cryptocurrency world for the exchange, calculation and interaction within one platform.  

Crowdsale opening date – 01.12.2017
Crowdsale closing date – 15.01.2018
Symbol – ENJL
Platform – Ethereum

Andrey Makarchev
CEO and founder
Evgeny Balagura
Alexandr Buzaev
Alexandr Ryzhikov
Natalya Shlyakhova
Alexandr Bondar
Maxim Kupchenko
Bogdan Krasnikov
Vladimir Bukovsky
Yuriy Pashko
Darya Sabinina
Vladislav Palamarchyuk
Andrey Olefirenko
Managing partner. Lawyer
Artur Nonko
Managing partner. Lawyer
Roman Kravchenko
Senior Associate. Lawyer
Yulia Padalka

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