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Financial data
33 days left
Main Sale 31.12.2017 - 31.03.2018

Token PROD
Price 1 PROD = 1 USD
Bonus 75% on pre sale(1m tokens) 50% on preICO(2m tokens) and no discount on ICO(66m tokens)
Platform Ethereum
Soft cap -
Hard cap 198198 ETH
Incorporated company's country

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Add to Calendar 31-12-2017 31-03-2018 Europe/Moscow Moscow Darenta We are introducing Darenta carsharing. It transforms into a decentralized autonomous car rental service, that is not managed by people and no executives.
Darenta is a car rental service for owners who rent out their private cars. This project is a mobile solution based on geolocation, blockchain and technology of smart contracts. Anyone can rent a car of another car owner or rent out his/her own car after registration. Our mission – to make a better world, providing an accessible and convenient way of moving for tenants and a simple way to earn money for car owners. P2P-carsharing can significantly reduce the number of cars, freeing additional parking spaces and improving the ecology of our planet. At the moment we are the largest p2p-carsharing in Russia. And we already have about 1000 registered cars in 20 countries on our platform and their number continues to increase.  
Oleg Gribanov
Antoniy Kapranov
Project Manager
Kirill Volkov
Mukhamed Batyrov
SMM manager
Artur Teregulov
Evgenia Spirina
Chief Accountant
Tatyana Tal
Maxim Kiselev
Tax Law and Legal Expert
Artem Kritsyn
Alexander Rumyantsev

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