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  • Symbol - BN
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

Nowadays the market of carbon credits is one of the fast-growing markets in the world and is highly supported by United Nations. Not so long ago only big companies and corporations could invest in this market. BitNatura represents a type of cryptocurrency backed by such credits (natural capital). The main idea of the project is to popularize and democratize natural capital while at the same time making the market of natural capital transparent and available. The service enables you to invest in social development, provide biodiversity conservation and benefit from your investments.



  • Todd Lemons – Co-Founder
  • Marcelo García Casil – Co-Founder
  • Federico Cardoso – Blockchain Expert
  • Jeff Reece - Advisor
  • Marc Garriga – Marketing & Growth
  • John Bishop - Advisor
  • Miguel Neumann - Advisor
  • Sean McDermott – Advisor

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