• Crowdsale opening date - 1 Sep. 2017
  • Crowdsale closing date -  29 Sep. 2017
  • Symbol -  ALIS
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

ALIS is Japan's first distributed social media platform utilizing both blockchain technology and its own cryptocurrency. It is a new and novel social media model for Japan, where people can create and find articles of value, as well as find individuals whose opinions are trusted by the community. With the ALIS token as the key driver, we allow people to quickly find high quality articles and trusted individuals. This will counteract the current problems of ad saturation and stealth marketing campaigns that are undesirable. Similar to Steemit, users will be encouraged to rate other's articles and post their own. Unlike Steemit, ALIS will utilze only 1 currency (ALIS token) and is specifically designed and tailored for the Japanese market. Currently, the social media option in Japan are all designed by with Western users in mind. ALIS is changing that. Japan is a world leader in cryptocurrency adoption - with the highest volume of Bitcoin transactions out of any country. Japan is a world leader in social media usage - with over 90% of internet users being active on at least 1 social media site. Social media has also seen its value in Japan grow 130% since 2014. Japan is an underserved market - the three most popular social media sites in Japan are all Western developed and are not designed with the Japanese user and Japanese market in mind. ALIS is changing that. Japanese culture places a high value on accuracy and authenticity - the two values most central to ALIS' content evaluation structure. The ALIS team has the background expertise, skills, knowledge, and passion to see this project through to completion. They are vesting their coins for 36 months - meaning that there is no risk of them taking the money and running. They have experience in deploying social media in the Japanese market (team members were central to the development of a LinkedIn-style social media network in Japan). They have years of experience micro-targeting the Japanese market through social media, and are building ALIS to be able to appeal and cater to small subcultures as well as mainstream Japanese culture.



  • Masahiro Yasu - Founder   in    f
  • Takashi Mizusawa - Co-Founder / Marketing    f
  • Sota Ishii - Co-Founder / Engineering     f
  • Bato Erichin - Communication / Engineering     f
  • Tatsuhiko Kamei - Legal Department     f
  • Kenta Nakamura - Media and Mass Communication    f

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