• Crowdsale opening date - to be announced
  • Crowdsale closing date - to be announced
  • Symbol -
  • Platform -  Blockchain

ICO description

AIBanks is a platform for automated decentralized banking making banks assets tradable without expensive securitization. Simple and fast banking with costs reduced to transactional fees paid to the platform in AIB tokens. Real time transparent banks. Traceable loan records. AIBanks allows selling loans and other assets off balance sheets, tokenize assets and make them tradable on stock exchanges. Borrowers get the best approved loan offers in a few seconds via banks or chatbots. AIB AI reads and understands application documents and clients big data, requests additional information and makes offers based on preferences of banks and investors written in Smart Contract. Banks and investors set up loans eligibility criteria in AIB Smart Contracts. Other banks, investors or brokers match loan applications with such contracts, originate and sell loans to the contract owner. This ensures a fast, cost-efficient, secure and compliant with regulations origination. Investors and Regulators monitor loans portfolio and regulatory ratios in real time. In particular, investors will be sure that appraisals, down payments, and loan payments are not fraudulent. This will trigger a flow of money from capital markets to Home Equity and other loans.



  • Valentin Preobrazhensky - CEO Linkedin
  • Danila Simonov - CTO Linkedin
  • Maxim Vasilyev - Front end Linkedin
  • Aaron Schwartz - Smart contracts developer Linkedin
  • Mikhail Burtsev - Deep learning research Linkedin
  • Anish Mohammed - Security architect Linkedin
  • David Drake - Investment advisor Linkedin
  • Abhijith Naraparaju - Blockchain solution architect Linkedin
  • Wenbin Zhang - Blockchain cryptography Linkedin
  • Urvi Guglani - Research analyst Linkedin

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