Private Meet-ups, Global Events & Road Show

Our company offers to participate in the international events and organize private meetings with investors. You can visit conferences and have useful conversations with potential partners. 

Individual meetings 

Not every ICO organizer has the opportunity to appoint a meeting to an investor personally, so we help this conversation to take place and to tell about your project without intermediaries. 

We focus not on the quantity, but on the quality of participants as well, therefore we invite about 4-7 dozens of investors who are actively interested in cryptocurrency and projects in the field of ICO. 

During the pre-ICO period and the sale of the tokens, it is important to avoid wasting time on communicating with unnecessary people. Business negotiations should be purposeful, meaningful and effective. 

Coffee breaks and cocktails, relaxed atmosphere after the event gives a unique opportunity to establish personal contact with the sponsor. Moreover, we will help to meet such people face to face. 

Do you want to use this service? Take it up now, and we inform you in advance about all the necessary information regarding time, place and cost. 

Events at the international level 

Blockchain is often the subject of various seminars and conferences. Dozens of such events are held throughout the world but not all of them are worthy of attention. For them, you have to pay money and spend your time, so let us choose the most suitable one for you so that you can make business acquaintances with potential investors. For this purpose, analytical work will be carried out to determine the usefulness of a certain meeting or event.


from 5,000 USD

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