Post-ICO Analysis

Post-ICO analysis, like investment rating review, is necessary first of all to form a conclusion as for the project team's actions. Were they motivated and reliable to implement the idea? The effectiveness of ICO and the proposed product are in the focus. During the analysis, the data is processed according to the generally accepted standards, so the organizers must provide all the necessary information. If it is not done, the ICO rating can be significantly reduced. 

The post-ICO Analysis includes the following items


Monitoring of the product, namely its development, is carried out at all stages of the roadmap. The prototype, code and other technological aspects are taken into account.


With our help, investors will be able to trace the liquidity and volatility of the digital asset, the interest of traders in the cryptocurrency, how the coin behaves in a competitive environment. 

Financial management 

The funds collected by the team must be spent in accordance with the declared plans. The analysis of revenues and costs is carried out. 

Situation on the market 

How does the market change? Are there new competitors? All these factors seriously affect the token. 

Legal issues 

All declared promises must be fulfilled; documents are available (licenses, KYC / AML and others). 

Additional issues 

Each investor has a number of individual questions about the ICO, and we will do our best to provide answers as soon as possible. 

Our goal 

We protect the interests of ICOs sponsors; find risks and ways that can help to avoid financial losses. Owners of the projects at the initial stage give a lot of promises in order to attract material resources in the shortest time, and investors rely only on their intuition, which does not always win. 

Our company closely reviews all stages of product development, monitors costs and news regarding updates in the strategy, the team and the market in general. Minimize risks and make investments more secure and transparent is our top priority.


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