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We help you start your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

Why a DAO?

Because DAO has access to borderless talent and funding with a global community of engaged stakeholders and transparent hard-to-corrupt governance.

Listen to Stefano B. from 14min 33s:

DAO Advantages

  • You can start a DAO in 3 minutes for 3 dollars
  • Needs no layers, bureaucrats or bankers to be launched, financed or its rules enforced
  • Accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies while it can issue digital shares and even mint its own currency
  • Gives access to borderless talent and funding
  • Benefits from strong network effects and cryptoeconomics designs
  • Potentially scalable to collective intelligence and work ourput of millions members
  • Secured by blockchain
  • Autonomous encoded rules of governance that can’t be cheated or changed without agreement by others

Listen to Andreas A. from 16min 00s:

Why DAOs are coming

  • DAO re-invents the modern corporation
  • The entire VC to stock market space is about to get disrupted
  • "Everything interesting on Ethereum are programable flexible systems of governance with public verifiability of execution and state of underlying smart contracts
  • DAOs will be part of every future ICO to make sure funds are only used to reach project milestones and any additional funds are raised as needed
  • The first state to introduce legal DAO incorporation through easy-to-use e-government system will experience hyper inflow of new smart capital and GDP

Use cases for your DAO:

You can (or will be soon able to) launch practically any organization as a DAO - ask us.

Launch your DAO with us.

We will work on a DAO with every honest crypto community, family office, local business, large corporation or a state Lab interested.

That’s a promise. ✋

Our value:

We are an experienced team of startup founders, DAO inventors, product developers, lawyers and marketeers to help you ideate, develop and grow your DAO.


50% of the world’s 320 trillions of wealth could be tokenized on blockchains by 2030 - logically at least part of it will be matched by DAO systems of governance.

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