KYC/AML Checks

KYC / AML procedures are used where monetary relations are at risk, for example, in the exchange or investment sphere. ICO projects must be as transparent as possible and not become tools in the hands of scammers – the verification also avoids such problems. We offer effective solutions related to KYC / AML, so that your customers can interact freely and make financial dealings. 

Identity verification 

The name, address, date of birth and other data will be needed in order to verify a person's identity. Unfortunately, there are a lot of fakes and cases of fraud related to duplication of information or distortion of facts. 

Check photo in the document 

Photography carries data not only about a person but also about the document to which it refers. Search technologies will reveal the facts of using other people's documents or find out whether they have been lost, canceled, etc. 


In the world practice, there are many control and sanctions lists, including Global Watchlist, AML Watchlists and others. The task of verification is to confirm the identity of presence or absence in such databases. 

Place of residence 

In order to confirm the place of residence, KYC / AML requires the attachment of supporting documents or checks for utility bills, receipts from a bank or a tax bodies. The address must be indicated on them. 

The implementation of KYC / AML in the bookbuilding platform

Identification by the KYC / AML system can be easily integrated into the bookbuilding platform and greatly simplifies the work of the merchant. Additional services and using other resources will not be required. Identity, photo in the document, checklists - all these functions work directly from the platform through the application API. The result of this interaction will be an increase in the volume and speed of sales.



$3 per one user

Number of checks - unlimited

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