The development of the modern technologies extends the capabilities of owners of ICOs in different directions. At the moment, the list of partners of the company includes more than 8 dozens of customers, whose activities are related to the blockchain. Many of them demonstrated an excellent result.


ICOS ID is a universal verification platform, registering where you get the opportunity to be included in the white list and get instant access to all the current ICO. Do you plan to launch several startups at once? You do not have to pass a KYC / AML check every time you have an ICOS ID.


Licensing according to the ICOS ID standard confirms the authenticity of your activity, which gives a significant benefit to the fact that you already have confirmation of KYC / AML. Personal data that customers provide for verification does not fall into the third party’s,  is not processed for any other purposes, and does not spread further. It has to do with documents and photos. The result of the audit is issued in the form of laconic verdicts "verified", "in the verification phase", "not verified". All other details are strictly confidential.


Create an account on the system:

  • Verification of KYC / AML with minimal costs.
  • Open the page; make a purchase - simple steps for the investor.
  • Only basic documents for participation in the ICO and one-stage verification.
  • Increasing trust and interest on the part of potential partners.
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