ICO of the week: WePower


Project name:  WePower

Web site:  https://wepower.network/

What’s it about: Green energy exchange platform

Crowdsale period: 2017-09-22 - 2017-10-22

Project target: Soft cap 20400000 WPR

About the project:

WePower is a blockchain-based platform for green energy trading. Users of the platform can buy, trade or invest in tokenised green energy. WePower is based on a crowdfunding model that provides participants with rewards.

Renewable energy producers will be able to finance the set up costs of their business by selling energy they are going to produce in the future. Token holders of WePower will receive green energy donated by the renewable energy producers.

The platform is based on Ethereum, smart contracts will ensure that the WePower community receives parts of the energy that was produced. The tokens will give ownership of a specific donated amount of energy. The token holders will be able to use the received green energy, transfer to the energy grid and sell under the market price or sell it to anyone who needs green energy.

Features of the project:

  • WePower project doesn’t fall under financial/securities law regulation.
  • The launch markets of the project are Spain and Italy. WePower already attracted the first clients with 1,650 MW capacity solar plants.
  • In less than a year the project will start working in full scale. The platform is already operating.
  • The tokens grow in real value based with the expansion of the project and with growth of the number of energy producers.

The team:

The CEO of the project is Nikolaj Martyniuk is involved in the green energy sector for over 10 years having extensive experience in building solar plants. Arturas Asakavicius, co-founder of the project from Lithuania. Arturas is crowdfunding patron recognized by the EU Comission, his key business area is law in fintech and blockchain related businesses. The CTO of the project is Kaspar Kaarlep For the past 4 years Kaspar has been driving the digital grid transformation process in Elektrilevi, Estonia’s largest DSO.

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