Project name: Stash


What’s it about: Easy, Instant, Private digital money for everyone

Crowdsale period: presale 24/09/2017 – 11/11/2017, crowdsale 11/11/2017-12/12/2017

Project target: 500,000,000 Stash coins available at crowdsale, the maximum cap will be $36,000,000

About the project:

Stash digital money is an Ethereum based platform combining all the good parts of other cryptocurrencies, as stated by the founders of the project. The idea of the project is to create a globally acceptable currency. Stash is a digital currency that would combine the gold standards of BitCoin, Dash and ZCash. It will be an open code decentralized autonomous network based on self-governance and self-funding.

Founders of the project are planning further developments with introducing a debit card that will work with traditional merchants, as well as a stash mobile wallet.

Features of the project:

  • The project will provide high transaction speeds. The project features StashSwift – another blockchain layer that ensures faster transactions instead of the usual Peer2Peer used in BitCoin. This enables to decrease the transaction time twice.


  • The security of the system is quite similar to ZCash security technology. The encryption allows the transactions to remain hidden from third parties, but also allows the verification of the transfer of funds.


  • The capacity of the cryptocurrency is 20 times higher than in BitCoin. The Incetivizednode network allows fast transactions of 20 volume megabyte blocks.


  • The company charges zero fees or fees close to zero. This is possible thanks to high capacity of Stash.


  • The company is also self-funding:  in the end of each month a 10% of the miners’ rewards are securely locked. The locked funds will be further used for the blockchain development proposed by the participants and approved by voting.

The team:

The team is highly professional. CEO and Co-Founder of the project David Nowacki has 13 years capital markets experience in Macquarie Bank, Commsec and BlackPearl Capital Partners. CTO and Co-Founder of Stash is Mike Beacham. Mike has 15 years programming experience, he was an early miner and investor in Bitcoin and Dash. The Engineer group is headed by Thomas Hitchens, managing Partner of Click and Brick technology and venture capital agency. The advisory lists includes Adam Dossa, former Executive Director of Interest Rate Derivative Risk at Morgan Stanley.

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