ICO of the week: Snovio


Project name:  Snovio

Web site: https://snov.io/

What’s it about: lead generation blockchain-based service

Crowdsale period: 31/10/2017 – 30/11/2017

Project target: 15 mln. USD

About the project:

Snovio is a decentralized platform based on crowd collecting principles: the technology of the platform is designed for data collection. Snovio is planning to attract thousands of people around the world for valuable collection.

The collected data is further used for database creation and generated of leads that can be sold to commercial organizations. Snovio is a marketplace for marketing that is aimed at making the process of lead generation transparent. It will give companies an opportunity to buy only relevant customer data.

Companies will purchase data for lead generation purposes by using SNOV token. Contributors will add the data into the system and share information with companies for rewards. Smart-contract technology will ensure fair revenue distributions.

The blockchain technology will cut costs on leads databases, freelancers and recruiters. Any specific target audience can be requested from companies, agents of the platform will also earn rewards for helping these companies fulfill goals.

Features of the project:

  • Snovio platform is already launched, it has 350,000 unique contacts in their proprietary database. About over 4,000 users have installed the plugin so far. The project’s clients include UBER, Lego, Soundcloud, Oracle, Ubisoft and others.
  • The token of the platform is Ethereum ERC20 standard.
  • The project has no blockchain based competitors to date.
  • The project has a strong Escrow secured by Starta Capital.
  • The platform will probably not bring high profits from the start, but the risks of investing in the project are not high either.

The team:

The team has Ukrainian origins. CEO and founder of the project is Alexis Kratko. The PM, Web Developer of Snovio is Alexander Zhadko. He is a Developer of the algorithm for data collection. Rodion Yaremenko is the CTO and Web Developer. He created Snovio’s application architecture. The project has a strong advisory board including people from TrueFlip, Universa, Starta Capital.

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