ICO marketing

When preparing the ICO project, special traffic channels are provided within the framework of the whole marketing strategy; therefore, for our part, we will help to develop both a full range of activities including detailed analysis of each campaign and focus only on the channel. 

The percentage of the award is discussed individually, both in the case of creating a marketing plan and the implementation of disparate tasks in the pre ICO and crowdsale phases. The total amount of the advertising budget is used as the unit of calculation.

We offer: 

Advertising in social networks 

Information falls into special interest communities, so your ICO will be in the public eye. It's about groups in FB, Likedin and other resources. In our competence, there are ways how to overcome obstacles connected with the limitations on the  platforms that refuse to advertise ICOs and crypto. 

Advertising in search engines 

More and more users prefer alternative search engines, so the publication of data on these platforms gives a good result in the form of an increasing conversion. You can order advertising messages in Bing, Ask etc. at a bargain price. 

Teaser campaigns 

To attract investors' attention to specialized business platforms is an efficient, quick and affordable way. Low cost of clicks and wide audience coverage, interesting, catchy headlines and images will increase the popularity of your project. 

Banners and video advertising 

Banners are a proven way to advertise a business, so thematic and news platforms are our choice to host this kind of presentation. Video material will familiarize potential partners with the advantages of ICO visually, vividly and interestingly. In this regard, we will provide:

  • Contextual advertising, including on YouTube
  • Video clips for the target audience
  • Advertising in video networks

The minimum cost of clicks, a large number of views at an affordable cost are our unique offers. 

Notifications in browsers 

In view of the fact that the tools for advertising ICO to date are limited, Web Push remains one of the most effective ways to make your project known to a large number of users who use certain browsers to surf the web. 


E-mail has been and remains the most reliable, effective and affordable communication channel. Mass mailing is carried out both on the basis given by the clients, and on the addresses specially collected for this purpose. 

Publications in online media 

Our company cooperates with media enterprises of various levels, many of which are focused on the publication of news, reviews and advertising ICO and cryptocurrency. Professional journalists write the material, and its check is performed by qualified editors. 

Google Analytics and CPA networks 

Incoming traffic, conversion and users’ activity on the website are in the focus of our attention and we set up the analytics in accordance with these demands.

Our reward

15% of the advertising budget

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