ICO Legal

Clients receive professional advice on all legal issues related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. The company's specialists have the following experience in this field and are good at the such areas as:

  • Organization of exchange of cryptocurrency and tokens
  • Digital Asset Trading
  • Preparation and conduct of ICO
  • Monetize your personal information
  • Preparation of the regulatory framework for issuing tokens
  • Introduction of the system of exchange of cryptocurrency for traditional money
  • Outlining the conditions for doing business in a detached environment
  • ICO licensing and project taxation
  • Development of contracts and the involvement of Escrow

The team has financiers who will give answers to the questions related to the merger of real estate business and other areas with the system of raising funds by the types of crowdfunding in the format of the Initial Coin Offering.


The technical consultant helps to structure and launch a fund based on the blockchain with convenient functionality for investors so that the latter can estimate exposure to certain cryptocurrencies.


Professional advice in digital currency exchange is given. Company makes an analysis of regulatory and commercial requirements for the organization of ICO and the use of virtual assets.

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