ICO Development

Technical background of the project from A to Z. 

  • Smart contract development.
  • Time scheduling of all ICO phases, including the pre-sale period. 
  • Comparative analysis of projects in the current field, which are now in the process or have been completed. Discovering the strengths and weaknesses of ICOs. 
  • Development of the token image and its economy (tips on how to use the internal cryptocurrency, its distribution, discounts, ways of promotion, etc.). 
  • Creation by experienced designers and advertisers of a teaser in one-pager format for the project presentation. 
  • White Paper in English. 
  • Development of technical specifications for designers and copywriters who make out the White Paper. 
  • Organization of events, seminars and meetings with the participation of professionals in the field of blockchain, financial consultants and experts with the good experience in ICO. 
  • Familiarizing potential partners with White Paper and the teaser. 
  • Professional writing the material for the investment proposal in English.
  • Preparation of a roadmap with indicating the date, activities and budget expenditures.
  • Preparation of legal documents for ICO with the participation of experienced lawyers.
  • Help in finding consultants for the project, with the necessary knowledge and practical experience.  

Do you have an idea, finance, but there is no team?

We recommend starting the choice of personnel from the following top positions. 

  • Executive Director 

He or she will be do all managerial work, negotiates with investors and be a key figure in public speeches. 

  • Chief Technical Manager 

Coordinates the development of the product, thoroughly knows the technology of blockchain, organizes and takes part in various events for developers. 

  • Marketing Director 

Looks for contractors to create the brandbook, compiles and approves marketing strategy, watch  the website of the project, updates the content, prepares presentations, monitors social networks and actively develops this direction.

  • Project Manager 

Coordinates the work of the entire team, monitors each process in non-stop mode, takes important decisions and is the link between the project's organizers and the company. 

  • Designer 

Not every team has a personal designer on its staff or is independently looking for a candidate. The importance of this work can not be overemphasized, so it is recommended to hire such a full-time specialist. 

  • Copywriter 

Processing and analysis of information, writing unique, interesting and useful material in the form of articles, reviews, press releases, advertising messages and posts on social networks. The specialist of this area should be proficient in the blockchain. 

The price does not include

  • Expenses related to the events that include travel and travel expenses. 
  • Website development, video content preparation and other kinds of the media staff are paid separately, provided that these tasks are assigned to outsource employees. 
  • The costs of legal management for example, registration fee, commissions, etc. The contract is specified as "Operational Costs of the Company".


Price: 75,000 USD

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