Listing on Exchanges for ICOs

Entering the list of leading crypto exchanges should become one of the most important goals of each project, because even the most successful and promising ICO will easily lose its ground without listing. Here a comparison can be made when you have the potential to attract a thousand customers by contrast to millions. Such a chance should not be missed and one must work actively towards this aim even in the period of pre-ICO. The token will be recognized before the start of its sale, and already implemented virtual assets will have the opportunity to realize their full potential right now.
We know that all ICOs in search of trustworthy crypto exchanges. ICO should always choose reliable partners so that investors have more confidence.
We offer you to save your time. Your tokens will be listed faster than you could imagine.
ic_youbit 1—5 business days 3.5 BTC
ic_get_btc 1—5 business days 1.5 BTC
ic_coinexchange 10—14 business days 4.5 BTC Recommended for start
ic_idex 2—3 business days 0.5 BTC Recommended for start
ic_gate 10—40 business days from 10 BTC
ic_binance 15—60 business days from 150 BTC Only a strong project
ic_bittrex 10—40 business days from $500,000 Only a strong project
ic_okex 10—40 business days from $600,000 Only a strong project
ic_kucoin 10—30 business days 32 BTC
ic_hitbtc 7—14 days from 37 btc
ic_bitz 7—14 days from $700,000
ic_mercastocs 7—14 days 2.5 btc
ic_livecoin 7—14 days individual
ic_tidex 7—14 days 3.5 BTC Volume per month more than 100 BTC or delisting
ic_cryptopia 7—14 days 11 BTC
ic_lykke 3—5 days 2.5 BTC
ic_btc_alpha 3—5 days 3 BTC
ic_bancor 7—14 days individual
hotbit 1—3 days from 3.5 BTC
coinbene 5—15 business days from 15 BTC
LBank 10—30 business days individual
RTcxNyyTQuOWBcPKXn17 10—30 business days from 100 BTC
huobi 10—35 business days 2-5 Millions USD
G_atgDua_400x400 7—10 business days from 20 BTC
1_Pnh8uBCpETscrghPTj 5—10 business days 22 BTC
logsdaeewefg6554o 10—30 business days From 20 BTC + 20 BTC in token
logsdaeewefg6554o 1—5 business days 0.2 BTC
digifinex 7—10 days From 60 ETH + 100k$ in token
ic_exmo 7—14 business days from 15 BTC Only a strong project
ic_coinmarket 3—7 business days 0.7 BTC The volume of trades from $ 100,000 per day
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