Bounty Campaigns

  • Distribution of tokens within the bounty program so that each participant of the campaign receives his or her reward. 
  • Involvement of bounty members who will be engaged in certain areas, in the right amount. 
  • Distribution of bonus tokens at the Bitcointalk forum, filling the group with the participants and preparing the registration form. 
  • Modification of the flow of tokens from the beginning to the end of the campaign, active support of a group of subscribers in the Telegram channel. 
  • Maintenance of a special electronic document, where shares, reposts, likes and other signs of interest will be recorded. 
  • Checking which notes are true, and which are false, calculation of the cost of every campaign and the usefulness of a certain distribution of coins. 
  • Preparing a table in which names, addresses and the number of tokens intended for customers are recorded. 

List of Bounty Campaigns

  • Bitcointalk Forum
  • Translations
  • Social media campaign (standard set or extended selection)
  • Video content on YouTube, messages in Telegram
  • Articles, blogging, reviews
  • Publications and comments in Reddit
  • Medium
  • Telegram


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