Bookbuilding platform

Bookbuilding platform is designed for transactions involving more than 70 different cryptocurrencies. Settlement operations are carried out with the help of credit cards, as well as fiat money, subject to the availability of KYC / AML.

Bookbuilding platform is a full-fledged development with the necessary functionality and, at the request of the customer, can have some additional options. On this basis an investor account is created directly on the ICO website. Through it transactions are processed, there is an automatic release of the internal cryptocurrency as soon as the investment arrives at the wallet of the organizers. We use the most popular and time-tested ERC20 system, so there will be no problems with either storage or transactions in which tokens are involved. Sale of native coins is possible not only directly during the ICO, but before the launch of the crowdsale. 

Basic offers

  • ICOS ID will help you access all projects without additional verification and reduce the cost of KYC / AML procedures.
  • Investors and referral program: the target bonus is divided according to the outcome of each stage of the project. 
  • Issue and sale of tokens occur in real time, as soon as the funds of sponsors are received. 
  • The investor can customize the toolbar in his personal account, which increases the security. 
  • Bounty program: active participants receive bonus tokens from the ICO founders. 
  • Simple and intuitive viewing of each stage of ICO in a couple of clicks. 
  • Creating a marketing module for analyzing the results and cost-effectiveness of ongoing programs. 
  • Development of smart contracts based on the finished Smart Contract Generator without participating of programmers that are familiar with Solidity. 
  • Airdrop function involves the development and distribution of bonus tokens based on the Ethereum platform.
  • Professional technical support includes protection against hackers’ DDOS attacks, management of servers and databases.


Price: 30,000 USD

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