Which bitcoin pool pays the most?

Which bitcoin pool pays the most?

Now a lot of people are questioning everything and everyone including themselves: what is most profitable bitcoin mining pool.
Bitcoin is a system that allows you to earn money in the future. In comparison with conventional currencies, bitcoin has many advantages. For example, this system operates without banks, and its rate is constantly growing. If you decide to run the bitcoin yourself, then there is a choice: do it alone or join the so-called pool. In this article, we’ll look at the pools for bitcoin mining, and also how to select a pool for mining.

Table of content:

  • Pool for Mining: what is it
  • List of tools for mining
  • Miningrigrentals
  • Minergate
  • Zpool
  • BitClub network
  • How to choose a pool
  • Conclusion
  • Pool for Mining: what is it?

What is a pool in the mining of bitcoins? The very definition of “pool for mining” came from the English word “pool”, which means “pool”. If you decide to mine alone, you will need a huge amount of expensive and high-powered equipment in order to achieve at least some result. Whether it’s a pool – the more participants in the pool, the higher its performance and speed. By the way, with its help, you can generate not only bitcoins but also any other cryptocurrencies.
The operation of the service is quite simple. A pool is a server that distributes the task to a calculation among all its participants. As soon as one of them hits the target, a block is formed and the participants receive their rewards.
the miner has engaged in the production of crypto-currency 99% of the miners work exactly through bitcoin pools.
The pool has better chances to find a block of transactions and receive a reward than a single miner. However, if you participate in the pool, then the profit will have to be shared with all participants in the “pool”.
It is important that the power does not exceed 51% of the power of the whole network. So, the famous mining pool Ghash.io 2 years ago reached this mark and its participants were asked to leave the pool.

List of pools for mining

Here you will know which of this bitcoin pool pays the most. Most services for mining are English-speaking, but this does not prevent both advanced miners, and newcomers are actively mining the bitcoins. Let’s look at the most popular and promising ones in 2017:


this English-speaking resource seems to have no shortcomings. The service offers miners to rent “drilling rigs” and extract bitcoin with their help. There was a service recently – in 2014, however, has already won the appreciation of miners from around the world. Statistics available to each user, as well as a small commission, make this service very attractive for miners.


pool with a large capacity. It can be used to kill not only the bitcoins but also other types of crypto-currency, for example, there, dash. It’s very convenient to work in the service: the program is installed on your PC and on the machine a mine currency. All that you mined can be brought to the stock exchange or personal purse. Service commission 1.5% of the amount.


is an American service for mining. The output works only in bitcoins. Exchange operations occur in an automatic mode, which is very convenient, especially for beginner miners. The service script is unique. And yes, by the way, you do not need to register on it.

BitClub Network

is a project that, like Miningrigrentals, started in 2014. The organization was created by the enterprising and burning idea of mining by people. The service works with bitcoin, ETH, ETC, ZEC, XMR. BitClub Network (bitclub network) positions itself as an investment project. There are two plans for 1 and 2 thousand days (note: during this time new shares will be loaned in the same amount, maybe more – lifetime process), registration is free, the membership fee is $ 99. The yield is historically 80-120%. Pool works stably and does not allow interruptions in its activities.
The investment threshold is 500 $ and, if you choose to pay the membership fee, you will have 5 packages available: $ 500, $ 1,000 and $ 2,000, or all for $ 3,500 and $ 5000. You can purchase an unlimited number of packages. After you buy a package in 30 days will begin mining specifically for you. Percentage of earnings and reinvest put from 0 to 100. By the way, the project has its own currency – ClubCoin, which is provided to the participants.
In addition, the above-mentioned services, it is worth noting such pools as Bitminer, Polmine, Ozcoin, and P2pool. The list of pools for mining is constantly updated and expanded. The top pool for mining is also never stable.

How to choose a pool?

So, when studying the parameters of a particular service, it is necessary to take into account several important components of successful mining in order to determine which pool for mining bitcoins is better. By the way, the best bitcoin pools for mining crypto-currencies do not always meet all the parameters below, however, they always work stably and have a lot of positive feedback.
You should not choose new pools for mining since their capacities do not allow you to earn decent money at once.
What can you offer a pool to you? So, the parameters of your PC are extremely important. Assess the power of your computer and check whether it is suitable for the requirements for the crypto currency. Mining pools are based on the use of a video card. Systems for earning bitcoins almost 100% consist of compatible video cards. If your card is out of date or it’s built-in, then the contribution to the pool will be negligible and you will get a small profit (this applies to those pools in which your hardware is required).
Distribution of profits. Of course, the best option for you is the distribution of profits equally among all the service participants, because then your contribution to its performance will be unimportant. Unfortunately, this approach is extremely rare. Most often, you can find pools that distribute profits in proportion to the contributions of participants. Each pool has its own rating system and before you start working with a particular organization, study the process of paying and calculating remuneration.
Method of payment. It can be either one (only in btc) or several. For example, some pools offer to display profit on various electronic payment systems and bank cards.


We hope that we gave you all information that you wanted to know about: Which bitcoin pool pays the most?