What new cryptocurrency 2018 will meet investors’ expectations?

What new cryptocurrency 2018 will meet investors’ expectations?

Bitcoin is holding a strong leading position, but there are no doubts, that the new cryptocurrency 2018 will appear and, who knows, maybe one of the coins will be able to displace BTC. 2018 is marked as the most productive time in terms of the appearance of newborn cryptocurrencies as well as the growth of the existing ones. Some of them are more advanced due to their algorithm reliability and have other promising features.
Table of content:

  • BitCoen as the most reliable and transparent crypto in 2018
  • Stellar: another star on its rise or just a promising coin?
  • Pavel Durov’s crypto projects: all are waiting for TON

Mr. BitCoen, who are you?

According to the big pronouncements made by some Western media a new participant of the cryptocurrency market has appeared on the horizon. Its name is BitCoen or BEN in brief. The name is very similar to Bitcoin, isn’t it? Hence, it is entirely possible that the emphasis has been made not on the blockchain functionality or other know-how technical aspects of the new coin, but on its PR. However, let's analyze the potential competitor.

A guest from Israel

The logo of the cryptocurrency - the Star of David - directly points to the origin of the virtual money. Initially, the project aimed to create a means of P2P payment between enterprises and organizations within the country. The creators of BEN did their best to protect their offspring from speculative actions, but soon they decided to participate in biddings. To some extent, this cryptocurrency is centralized, because the largest part of coins is held by the local businessmen of the exclusively Jewish origin.

Financial background

1 BEN is equal to 1 USD. For the development of the blockchain and a token, as well as listing on exchanges, 750, 000 USD was spent. 3 million was required to create all the necessary user tools, including the BitCoen wallet and a mobile application. Another 7 million were spent on the launch of the loyalty program. 10 million were needed to create a payment system with the ability to make offline and online payments using QR codes. A huge amount was also spent on the development of the marketplace and the advertising platform.

Bitcoin vs. BitCoen: whose are the advantages?

In this regard, users are unlikely to find a common denominator. As for the anonymity, BitCoen was originally created in order to be transparent and all transactions could be tracked at any time, the government agencies can do this as well.

The BEN system is insured against unconfirmed payments. This situation occurred with bitcoin at the end of 2017, and it's all about the processing speed of transactions. In the case of the subject, it provides 25,000 operations per second, which means a greater bandwidth compared to BTC.

BitCoen is the first altcoin for which a large network of terminals has been created. ATMs can be used by ordinary citizens and at the same time they don’t pay any fees. Also, the creators of BEN are working to attract the interest of large investors to this crypto.

Stellar as an upcoming cryptocurrency 2018

The first among the new

The beginning of 2018 is characterized by a positive dynamics for all cryptocurrencies. In the first days of the New Year, some decline was observed, but it didn’t last very long. Stellar got into the general list of one of the most notable coins. Moreover, it was in the top 10. According to the ratings, the coin occupied the 8th position.

Ups and Downs

1 XLM after falling to the level of 0.5 quickly recovered its strength and rose to 0.66 USD, keeping at this point not very long. Then there was a serious growth and 0.91 USD was the price of 1 Stellar. These figures did not disappear from the keen eyes of investors who are roaming the globe in search of profits.

The high-speed payment system

The first large company, which covered the Stellar network, was the IBM Corporation. XLM blockchain became attractive for the cross-border payments. 5 large banks of the world took part in this process. The network allows you to make transfers with a speed of 2-5 seconds.

"While making exchanging operations with several currencies, it is better to have an intermediate currency, which will reduce the amount of accounting. Our distributed registry performs exactly this function, " Jed McCaleb the project founder said.

What is the secret of popularity? How long will it last?

Stellar can be called one of the brightest discoveries of 2018. The secret of its popularity is hiding in the strong family ties. Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) are close relatives, even brothers, so it was the well-known XRP that helped its "younger brother" earn $ 12.7 billion from the start.

The upcoming cryptocurrency 2018, which demonstrates excellent results right after its appearance, should not become an object of speculation. This fact is known to all experienced investors. It is quite possible that Stellar with the same success will get down under the influence of his "elder brother."

Although it is still too early to speculate on the other fast-growing coin, there is the possibility of Stellar’s failure on the background of Ripple's popularity. However, the plans of Jed McCaleb and his colleagues are optimistic: the developers are sure that Stellar (XLM) and Ripple (XRP) will revolutionize the banking sector.

Upcoming cryptocurrency 2018 by Pavel Durov

Pavel Durov is a famous person not only in Russia, but also far beyond its borders. The creator of one of the most popular social networks in the world was suspended from managing his project. Pavel did not put his hands down and developed an instant messenger that quickly became popular. The cryptocurrency from a brilliant programmer is being developed right now. The blockchain platform is called the Telegram Open Network (TON).

In Durov's report to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) it was noted that 850 million USD were solicited for the ICO. The funds were received from more than 80 investors; among them we can recognize the large businessmen - Sergey Solonin (founder of Qiwi), David Yakobashvili (Wimm Bill Dann), Roman Abramovich and others. The increasing interest in the project appeared due to the personality of Durov himself and to the overwhelming success of his previous works.

The company is managed personally by Durov and his brother Nicolai. They registered two legal persons The Telegram Group Inc. and The TON Issuer Inc. Huge, compared to the other ICOs, amount will go to the development of the blockchain platform Telegram Open Network (TON), the new cryptocurrency release and the Telegram messenger development. As for the ICO procedure in the case of TON, buyers of its tokens (Grams) do not have any intellectual property or the dividend rights. Investors own an analogue of securities until the project completion.