What is the next bitcoin, which cryptocurrency should be set next

What is the next bitcoin, which cryptocurrency should be set next
  • What are other cryptocurrencies waiting for us in the future?
  • What is Bitcoin Gold, next Bitcoin?
  • Factors affecting the course of Bitcoin Gold
  • The new ripple coin

What are other cryptocurrencies waiting for us in the future?

What is the next bitcoin? Bitcoin is the first cryptocurrency in the world, but it certainly is not the only one of its kind. It is followed by the following currencies, more perfect.

Gold bitcoin:

  • One of the following types of bitcoin is gold bitcoin. On the prospects of the cryptocurrency No. 1 Bitcoin and its profitability are confirmed by all the media. But people who are just starting to get acquainted with the world of crypto-technologies have a poor understanding of Bitcoin’s alternatives.
  • Due to a lack of information in the media and the Internet, novice users do not see a big difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Gold. In this article, we will consider in detail all the differences and features of Golden Bitcoin, and also study the BTG forecast for 2018.

What is Bitcoin Gold, next Bitcoin?

Most likely the next bitcoins will be gold bitcoin. In the detachment, you can very often observe technical features. Bitcoin also underwent a fork and in August 2017 Bitcoin Cash appeared. Many analysts prophesied to him dynamic growth and bypass on the demand of his elder brother. As for the appearance of Bitcoin Gold, his fork was held on November 12, 2017 – most recently. It was possible to handle such a cryptocurrency from block 499407. All holders of regular Bitcoin were given tokens of “golden” bitcoin in a ratio of 1 to 1.

Factors affecting the course of Bitcoin Gold

To correctly predict the course of Bitcoin Gold BTG, you need to understand a number of aspects:

  • Whether the factors that influence the course of the “golden” bitcoin are similar to the main chain or not;
  • Whether the asset acts as a stand-alone unit or whether it is only a shadow of Bitcoin;
  • Whether Bitcoin Gold has similar problems as in the main network, what are its pros and cons.

Only after finding out all these moments, you can proceed to determine the course of Bitcoin Gold for the next year. In this case, many aspects are already prompted by the circuit itself, separated from the main branch, because it was planned, and did not arise because of the differences between the Bitcoin developers.

Production of cryptocurrency:

  • To begin with, the author of the Bitcoin Gold project was Jack Liao, who runs Lightning ASIC in Hong Kong. She specializes in the production of equipment for the production of cryptocurrency. That’s why the developers knew all the problems of the main circuit perfectly. Their goal was to create a truly decentralized digital coin, which would be more affordable for extraction. The developers wanted to be able to mine, even those miners who cannot invest in ASIC.
  • By October 2017, the work on the project was completed, with the support of several large companies, a hard fork was held. Already on November 12, the Bitcoin Gold chain was open to public access and 24 hours later this asset appeared on many exchanges. Note that the Hit BTC exchange was the first to open the Bitcoin Gold auctions.

An important distinguishing feature of the “golden” bitcoin consists in the algorithms of its operation. It operates on the basis of Equihash, whereas the usual Bitcoin runs on Proof-of-Work with SHA256. This means that Bitcoin Gold uses completely different capacities and does not act as a competitor to the main Bitcoin. This difference determined the place of the “golden” bitcoin in the list of forks and the general rating of digital coins. To date, such a cryptocurrency has the following positions:

  • The average price is at $ 250;
  • Capitalization exceeded the $ 4 million mark;
  • In the rating of crypto assets, the coin takes the 8th line;
  • Of the 21 million coins that are planned to be extracted, more than 16 million coins have already been minted;
  • Support for the asset is provided by such large exchanges as Binance, YoBit, Bitfinex, HitBTC, Coinnest.

What is the next bitcoin? Of course, the 8th line in the rating for crypto active, which was created just two months ago, is a very high figure. It should be added and its high starting price of $ 100. But do not forget about the alarming bells:

  • The cost of this coin reached $ 500, and today it is half as much;
  • Take-off after the launch of the network tends to decline;
  • Many exchanges, including Coinbase, WEX, talked about supporting the new cryptocurrency, but they did not place it as an asset on their trading floor.

Because of this situation, investors who made a bet on the new currency and wanted to make money on its snatch were practically with nothing. Of course, there were those who have left with a profit thanks to Bitcoin Gold. We are talking about those who received such coins for free and closed the warrants after a sharp increase in their prices. However, most investors have a negative attitude towards Bitcoin Gold.

The new ripple coin

Another next bitcoin is the new ripple coin, which already overtakes the ethereum and becomes the second coin in the World.
At the end of December 2017, Ripple (XRP) defeated Ethereum (ETH) and became the second largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of 70 billion dollars, but half an hour later Ethereum regained his position.

Important Factors:

  • The price of XRP continued to rise during market downturns to other crypto-currencies and it intensified during quiet periods between them. According to Coin Market Cap, Ripple has more than 40% of its profit on Friday, which led to a record growth and market capitalization of $ 72.35 billion.
  • In general, XRP trading is mainly conducted in South Korea. There its price is much higher than anywhere else in the world. Today the average price in the world
  • Ripple is 1.07 dollars, although only a month ago because of the demand of traders the price was higher than two dollars.
  • Currently, the global average Ripple costs 1.87 US dollars, which is 29,000 percent more than in January, when it was estimated at less than one cent.
  • The market capitalization of Ripple is now 72.4 billion dollars. This makes XRP approximately $ 800 million more valuable than Ethereum, which, except for a brief period in May, maintained the status of the second largest cryptocurrency.
  • Ripple’s take-off was conducted mainly by South Korean traders and was based on several recent reports on a consortium of Japanese and Korean banks that use the Ripple network for test cross-border payments.

Recently, the market is dominated by the “cryptocurrency” Ripple. In quotation marks, I wrote the word “cryptocurrency” consciously. Because Ripple is the same cryptocurrency as, say, WebMoney.
Cryptocurrency is primarily decentralization, open source, limited or transparent emission. In Ripple, this is nothing.
The system is centralized, there is no control over emissions, at any time any number of tokens can be brought to the market.
At the same time, representatives of traditional financial structures actively cooperate with this system, which, with a prejudice, apply to a normal crypt.


  • There is an opinion that Ripple is a product that operates under the control of bankers, whose task is to get the largest share of the cryptocurrency market. Now liquidity is pouring into it so that it grows even in a falling market (as we see it in the last 2 weeks when the fall of Bitcoin and Altcoin Ripple shows growth several times.
  • Obviously, as a result, market participants begin to perceive Ripple as a refuge and invest in it during the fall of the market, which leads to even greater growth.
  • In addition, Ripple provides an opportunity for cheap transactions, which is especially significant against the backdrop of the huge commissions' Bitcoin. The next step is the ability to easily and quickly buy and sell Ripple from a bank account, (given that Ripple is controlled by banks, this will not be difficult), after which Ripple can bypass the capitalization and Bitcoin.
  • Further – either uncontrolled emission of tokens and their release on the market, or control of transactions and owners of purses, or a combination of both. And can the release of a huge number of tokens into the market, the fall of Ripple to the initial levels of 0.20, the billion-dollar profit to the organizers, the complete discrediting of the cryptocurrency market in the eyes of users and regulators, Bitcoin for 1000 as a bonus.

Those who control Ripple, there is a motive, and the ability to roll this a good deal.
What is the next bitcoin? You can earn on the growth of XRP. But it is important to realize that this is not a cryptocurrency, it is a centralized payment system, with all the risks arising from this fact.