What is bitcoin mining software?

What is bitcoin mining software?

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  • How does Bitcoin Mining start?
  • How to choose a graphics card for the program for mining?
  • Popular Bitcoin-programs for mining
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Bitcoins are a new era in the world of e-currency, which has swallowed up millions of people and a lot of them are looking for the best bitcoin mining software. The participants were divided into two categories. Some were included in the category of ordinary users, while others combined use with a more active direction – mining. The advantage of the last option is the possibility of obtaining additional profit. The only question is whether Bitcoin Mining solo is possible, what Bitcoin mining programs are most in demand, and what alternative way of earning can be combined with mining. Each of the questions is worthy of detailed consideration.

How does Bitcoin Mining start?

Before you download the program for Bitcoin mining and start working, it is important to understand the subtleties of earnings. The essence is the use of the Bitcoin-program for mining, which performs a number of actions to obtain blocks (services conducted on the transaction network). A miner can count on bonuses at the rate of 25 coins for one extracted block. At the same time, the speed and efficiency of mining depends on the hardware power of the personal computer (video card and processor). A significant role is played by software. If you select a proven program for Bitcoin mining with a user-friendly interface and enhanced functionality, then the earnings process will go faster.

The whole algorithm of actions consists of several stages:

  • Choose a video card that is suited for the extraction process.
  • Define money that will be extracted (in our situation it is Bitcoins).
  • Search for high-quality software, which is suitable for earning (below will consider today’s popular options).
  • Config the software for the current tasks.
  • Conduct exchange transactions or withdraw funds.

How to choose a graphics card for the program for mining?

The main goal of a good miner is to find the equipment that is suitable for work. At the same time, the criterion can be mined in several ways – with the help of a processor, a video card or using ASIC chips. The first option has long been a thing of the past due to the lack of expected results. The last variant of earnings is expensive and not suitable for everyone.

As for the options with the choice of video card, then you should choose the time-tested Radeon models. Their advantages are reliability, high performance and affordable price. As practice shows, bitcoin solo mining with such a graphics card on the “board” can be very effective. Do not keep things small. The best option is to purchase devices series with 7850 and more. If you save and purchase a device class lower, then the performance may not be enough. In addition, electricity consumption will also be at a high level, which is hardly a plus.

When choosing a video card, it is worth considering the following criteria: cost, capacity and level of electricity consumption. To calculate the potential earnings with the Bitcoin mining program, you can use a special calculator service. For calculation it is enough to set the power level, the parameters of the video card, and also the price per kilowatt-hour.

Popular Bitcoin-programs for mining

Having decided on the main points, it is worth to move on to a new stage – download the program for Bitcoin mining. There are the options for the actions:

  • Soft 50Miner. Such software is considered one of the best in the production of cryptocurrency. Developers managed to create a high-quality software shell, which guarantees functionality and usability. The program is easy to use. Even a beginner miner will be able to deal with it. At the same time, there is no need to authorize each time.

All necessary data and settings are entered at the registration stage and are contained in a special configuration file. Due to this, it is not worth worrying about the loss of personal information.

An important plus of this Bitcoin-program for mining is compact, that is, it does not need to be installed separately. All you need is to write the file to the memory card and use the software features. In addition, there is always a chance to work shoulder to shoulder with professional miners. Do not forget about the availability of the program. To download it you do not need to spend extra money – just go to the official site and push the bottom to have the software on the computer.

  • The BFGMiner program is an option for people who value reliability and convenience. The advantages of software include the possibility of mining using FPGA and the use of video card power. Regarding the configuration, there is no difficulty even for the beginner – the program for Bitcoin mining is in Russian as well, so it’s not a problem to understand the functionality. But that’s not all. With the help of software, you can control parameters such as speed and frequency of the cooler. If necessary, you can personally set the parameters of the PC, based on the operating conditions of the system.
  • Ufasoft Miner client is a popular software that looks like console software. It is easy to download and install. With regard to training and adjustment, it takes 5-10 minutes. Advantages of the software – correction of information, the ability to set the computer’s temperature, the availability of a number of other ways to receive money (for example, BitFORCE), the ability to change the address of the pool and so on. There are no problems with the configuration of the software, which allows you to proceed without delay to the mining of cryptocurrencies.
  • The CGMiner program is a well-known customer, able to help in making a profit for both beginners and experienced miners. But in a greater degree it is still suitable for proficient users.

Advantages of the program are convenience of customization, the possibility of obtaining the maximum amount of coins from one megahash, as well as a chance to increase the functionality of the video card installed on the computer (laptop). An exclusive bonus for miners is the absence of overloads, which guarantees efficient production without failures.

  • The Eobot.exe program is a software that requires the use of a powerful video card. So for the full work it is necessary to execute several steps. First, it is recommended to set the maximum mode, which will lead to a short-term increase in temperature. After, the system normalizes the situation and reduces it to a minimum. In the same way, the situation develops if the maximum mode is selected. Secondly, additional software is installed, for example, MSI Afterburner. This optimizer allows you to manually adjust the temperature regime, which guarantees the work without failures. If there is “free” money, it is allowed to purchase a hash-miner, the cost of which is about $ 50.

But such a program of Bitcoin mining is good only if the work is done in the pool. As for Bitcoin solo mining, it will be ineffective. At the same time, it is recommended to distribute the referral link. The more people are connected to work, the higher the probability of earning.

  • Soft Coin Maner is a program that is well known for fans of the cryptosystem. Advantages are the possibility of obtaining coins when using only processor powers. The principle of the software is to overclock the PC to the required level. In addition, the software has a convenient design, functionality, ease of management. The only drawback is that it will be difficult to make money on some processor powers.


As an alternative or an additional source of profit, you can use the capabilities of cranes. This kind of mining is a chance to get an extra amount of coins by performing certain actions. There is no need for the Bitcoin-program for mining – it is enough to select a suitable cran, periodically visit it or use the capabilities of the rotator.

The most popular cranes are:

  • MoonBit is a crane, which allows you to receive additional profits without any investment. Distribution of earned satoshi is done every 5 minutes.
  • HronoXcoin is a resource that guarantees a high level of profit after the first visit with a gradual decrease in the size of the bonus.
  • SunBTC is a well-known cran that guarantees Satoshis withdrawal every 5 minutes. The amount of bonuses that can be accrued may vary.

We observed the best bitcoin mining software. Now it is up to you how to use your money and time to get a profit