What is bitcoin mining rig? Let’s build a farm together!

What is bitcoin mining rig? Let’s build a farm together!

What is bitcoin mining rig? This question is asked by those who see rigs rental advertising or study the mining farm schemes. There are two interpretations of this concept and both of them are right. One refers directly to the equipment – graphics chips, processors, motherboards etc., the latter one has a secondary meaning and rarely used by the specialists.

Table of content:

  • Rigs as parts of a mining farm
  • Rigs as constructions for equipment
  • BTC mining rig for rent

Rig as an element of a mining farm

Rig is an independent unit for cryptocurrency mining. The farm consists of several rigs. Their number can reach hundreds. To make it clearer, such equipment can be compared with an ordinary personal computer. As a rule, the structure of a rig includes a motherboard with a processor and RAM, a power supply or several devices and a rack with graphics chips.

How to build a rig for mining? First of all, you need to choose the components. Graphic chips are the main elements and they should be the up-to-date models, but even the most powerful ones with high energy efficiency will not allow bitcoin mining. Graphic chip time has passed and now only ASICs are the priority of choice. But everything is not so bad: there are cryptocoins that are available for the old methods of mining. An assembly example is given below:

  • ASRock H97 Universal motherboard with multiple slots
  • AMD Radeon RX480 or RX470, and even better RX580 in 4-6 units
  • a power supply or some with at least 1000 watts
  • CPU suitable for the motherboard with the usual characteristics
  • 8 GB of RAM is enough for cryptocurrency extraction
  • hard drive capacity is from 16 GB to install the OS and mining soft

In addition to the main components for a rig you will need Ethernet cables, an extension cable for PCI-E connectors and some thermal paste. A keyboard and a monitor are only useful for initial software setup. Further control is carried out remotely by means of the TeamViewer application.

Rig as a rack for equipment installation

Everyone who is interested in cryptocurrency, with their own eyes or in the photo saw the endless rows of racks, which contain hundreds of ASICs - special devices for bitcoin, litecoin and other coins mining. Rigs are made of durable materials, such as aluminum, to ensure good ventilation and easy access to each device.

You can build a rig yourself. When all the components for the farm are ready, it's time to start making the case. Any rig is an analogue of a computer tower, but its difference is the open design. If there are no metal parts, you can take pieces of wood. The most important thing is to ensure proper ventilation for the equipment. A rig can be made by someone who has basic skills of working with tools - a hacksaw, screws, etc.

After measurements and sketching aluminum corners are cut out into the desired segments with the help of a hacksaw. On one side you need to make a grid of strips for graphics chips installation. It is possible to strengthen a construction by means of wooden bars. Wooden or rubber legs also serve to harden the structure and ensure its stability.

As you see the assembly is carried out according to the same scheme as an ordinary computer. The motherboard should be fixed on the bottom of the structure, and all other hardware – RAM modules, a processor, a cooler, wires and other parts – are installed according to the standard ways. A hard drive, a power supply, and graphics chips are fixed on the rack. Before configuring the software, a monitor and a keyboard are connected.

As for the software, any OS can be used, but experts recommend ethOS. It is a version of Linux often used for mining Ethereum. The benefits of ethOS are:

  • minimum of space on HDD
  • no drivers required
  • remote access to PC
  • support for weak processors
  • 1 GB of RAM is enough
  • there is a web panel for checking statistics
  • automatic proxy configuration

After installing and running the OS, you need to set up a miner and a cryptocurrency wallet. Soft for mining is downloaded from the site of the pool that you have chosen to deal with. After registering the wallet, you receive its address, which must be mentioned in the personal account of the mining pool. In the future, all earnings will be transferred to it. In the personal account you also need to copy a username and a password, and then type them in the settings of the miner. After that, it remains only to run the program, monitor the statistics and receive the reward.

What is bitcoin mining rig for rent?

Rental of computing power for mining has become one of the most popular services. Among the platforms offering this opportunity to customers, experts highlight several leaders. Mining Rig Rentals, created in 2014, is among them. Fast and convenient platform for mining cryptocurrency helps users to earn on their equipment or to invest in the use of someone else's facilities.

MRR was originally created not only for professional miners, but also amateurs. Anyway, what is a bitcoin miner? A person who deals with mining is called this way and by analogy with rigs it has got the second and more usable meaning «software for mining». The MRR interface is friendly and easy to navigate. From the main page you can get to any section and to observe the statistics. The official page offers mining cryptocurrency by providing a selection of popular hashing algorithms such as SHA-256, X11, X13, Scrypt and NeoScrypt, Quark and a number of others.

You can pay for the service in LTC and BTC. If you have servers and the equipment with powerful GPU those are no longer used, the platform Mining Rig Rentals allows leasing and you can cover their cost . To do it, quickly register, create a personal bitcoin or litecoin account and determine which services are interested for you. To create an account, enter your username, password, email address and pin code to protect your personal data.

If you are a buyer, you need to choose a suitable hashrate by analyzing the history of different farms. Statistics is viewed in a special window. The information panel contains data of all farms productivity. Working with a mining pool means the choice of a program for mining coins. Different applications exit for GPU and CPU. There are also hybrids, allowing you to work simultaneously with the processors and graphics chips. Claymor, CPUMiner, CCMiner and others are considered to be the most popular due to:

  • Proxy servers ensure anonymity
  • The rental price corresponds to the productivity
  • The maximum number of installations available (27 + 5 backups)

An update is the only drawback. It should be carried out manually, since the settings do not contain an item common to all leased capacities. The process takes much and the time of its standing idle is increasing. The lion's share of the negative belongs to competitors and opponents of the cloud mining. But every person, who wants to predict the possible income, can easily calculate the profitability and payback period spent at the initial stage and in the process of cash.

What is bitcoin mining rig? The answer to this question was given in our article. If you approach the problem critically, a homemade rig to mine BTC is no more than a hobby and a waste of electricity, Industrial equipment, powerful farms and cloud mining are the only possibilities to obtain considerable profit nowadays.