What can you buy with bitcoin?

What can you buy with bitcoin?

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-Trading platforms that accept bitcoin
-What is bitcoins used for? For example you can buy inexpensive things
-What can be purchased with bitcoin?Also you can spend bitcoins on luxury things

Bitcoins appear in a larger number of people: someone has learned how to mine, someone trades on the exchange, and someone performs tasks for bitcoins, so what can you buy with bitcoins? We will not dwell on e-wallets, exchangers and points, but look at the real goods that you can buy for bitcoins.

A banal example of buying in a life of a modern person is a trip to a store or a supermarket. And now “buy” in the markets can be without cash or credit cards, but only with bitcoin. Back in late June 2017, it was announced that in Japan 260,000 different stores started to accept Bitcoin. There are examples of the usual stores that host Bitcoin in different countries:

Supermarkets SPAR, individual shops of this trade network work with bitcoin. The first shop started to accept cryptocurrency was SPAR in the Dutch city Arnhem in 2014 year.

Ball Equipment is a shop for sporting goods and equipment for lawns in Michigan, it announced the beginning of acceptance of Bitcoin payments in 2017.

Residents of Kyiv can buy fresh bread and milk for bitcoins in the store “Natural Products”. They work with cryptocurrency since 2015.

Trading platforms that accept bitcoin

Among them there are well-known trading platforms Ebay, Amazon, Shopify. However, there are companies working in other spheres, which accept BTC:

AppStore – owners of Apple brand products can buy applications for bitcoins in the mobile store;
Microsoft – the company offers users to buy software, devices and subscriptions for cryptocurrency. Unfortunately, this option is available only for America.
WordPress – the manufacturer of the most common CMS for sites in the world is also working with bitcoin. You can buy themes, additional plug-ins.
Reddit it is the 8th most visited site on the planet as of August 2017. Members of the board are offered to buy a premium status for BTC.
Dell is an American manufacturer of computer equipment, which sells for bitcoins laptops, headsets, devices. It can accept payments through a third-party Coinbase service. Just make an online purchase, and when you go to the payment page, choose “Pay with Bitcoin”.
Subway is a global network of fast foods. The franchise restaurants also work in the Russian Federation.
Tesla is an American automotive manufacturer. Tesla continues to bend its innovative line and offers customers to pay with bitcoins. That is, for a cryptocurrency you can buy even a car.
Sacramento Kings are the first sports organization from the Major League (NBA, NHL, NFL, Major League Baseball), which started taking Bitcoin.

What is bitcoins used for? For example you can buy inexpensive things

Suppose that you want to spend bitcoins not in your home country. Then you have a lot of opportunities, for example, buy a diploma or rent a room in the hotel. Get down to the list of things that everyone can need!
Room in the hotel
A room in the hotel can be bought not in a simple hotel, but in the Howard Johnson network! This is a well-known hotel chain and it will not be difficult to find a hotel network in the city where you are going to come. Also we advise you to visit the site travelforcoins.com, there you will find a variety of offers from hotels, as well as air carriers. You pay with bitcoins, and the site, in its turn, pays for tickets and accommodation for you with the help of regular currency.
Flights you can try to find on the above mentioned site, or visit the resource cheapair.com. On this resource you can book a flight both in one and in two directions, and also compose a complex route.
You can also pay for training in some countries with the help of bitcoins. The first country that gave students this opportunity was Cyprus. Also, you can pay for training with cryptocurrency at some universities in the United States, as well as in Britain.
Yes, you can order pizza at home for bitcoin! Visit pizzaforcoins.com and pay for your order. The site works with such pizzerias as Pizza Hut, Domino’s and Papa John.
VPN service
If you are worried about your anonymity on the Internet, then we advise you to use a VPN connection that changes the place from where your traffic is sent and so you are marked on another geolocation. Attention: not all providers are able to accept payment exactly in bitcoins.
You can buy jewelry in the network selling diamonds Reeds Jewelers. In total, the network has about 60 places of sales and you can buy jewelry in any of them.
Some online shops offer to pay in bitcoins. Moreover, there is such a wonderful resource as store.bitcoin.com, where you can find a cap, t-shirt and other useful things with the symbols of bitcoin. Payment is made exclusively in bitcoins.

What can be purchased with bitcoin?Also you can spend bitcoins on luxury things

How to spend bitcoins on something necessary, we just studied with you. However, suppose that your wallet literally bursts with bitcoins. Only those who have several thousand cherished cryptocurrency can make the following purchases.
Villa in Greece
“Baby” on the shore of the Aegean Sea, with five bathrooms, an olive grove and a 50-meter pool will cost you only 4,500 bitcoins (just over 1 million euros).
Only for 6 million dollars (21 thousand bitcoins) you can become the owner of a luxury yacht! By the way, the price is subject to discussion and can be reduced. The yacht features a 5,000 gallon gas cylinder, 650 gallon water tank, two cabins for VIP guests, a seating area and a lounge.
Mansion in Bali
Most of the property that is sold for bitcoin is located in the south of France, in Panama and, of course, in Bali. This chic mansion is hidden from prying eyes and stands on the Pantan Pasut River. The cost of the mansion is just over 1 million euros. Together with it, you will receive a servant and a personal chef. There are seven bathrooms, several bedrooms and three swimming pools.
Penthouse in Spain
In what to invest bitcoins? Of course, in a penthouse on the shore of the Spanish coast! It offers an amazing view of the sea, which you will not find anywhere else. The cost of building only 1.5 million euros. In the penthouse, by the way, there are two Jacuzzis (as if one is not enough), and the length of the terrace is as much as 200 meters! The design of the interior involved a team of famous designers.
House in Florida
What can i buy with bitcoin in America? Well, for example, a small house which is worth 4.5 million dollars. There are several bedrooms and bathrooms, a garage for four cars, a wine cellar for fifteen hundred bottles and a gym. By the way, the territory of the house is as much as 7,000 feet.
House in California
The price of the house remains a secret, however, it is known that it belongs to the golf club and was designed by Guy Dreier himself! The area of the house is about 10,000 feet. By the way, as the owner of the property, which previously belonged to the golf club, you will contribute to the club will amount to just over $ 700 a month.
Yes, yes, you did not misinterpret. The company BitsPremier owns satellites, each of which will cost you 3,000 bitcoins (just over 1 million dollars). The launch and maintenance of the spacecraft are already included in the cost of its lease for five years (yes, you do not buy it, but just pay a rental fee). In total, the company has 24 satellites and it offers to rent them all for a very modest sum of $ 19 million.
Pink emerald
Did you think that emeralds are only green? In fact, there are several pink specimens in the world and the largest of them can be bought for bitcoins. It is called the largest morganite (pink emerald) “Pink Princess” and it weighs about 170 carats. The cost of the “princess” is about 3 million dollars.

So, we considered buy with btc the necessary and not very things. Probably the most necessary of them will be staying in a hotel, or buying air tickets. To check how payment works with bitcoins in action, we recommend you to look into Subway – according to the creators of the restaurant chain, payment for cryptocurrency works at every point. By the way, the purchase of VPN-service will be a good solution for those who are seriously keen on cryptocurrency, because using such an application will significantly increase your level of security.