Vereign offers new mechanisms for authentication, identification and protection

Vereign offers new mechanisms for authentication, identification and protection

On the basis of a seamless solution, plugins, software and blockchain technologies, Vereign provides installation and secure data transfer that can be used to send and receive messages, online communication via popular email services, instant messengers, etc.

Recently, quite often we hear about hacking and unauthorized use of various kinds of email messengers and pages on social networks, etc. These hacks and unauthorized use of data by attackers not only leads to inconvenience, but can cause damage and material damage.

Vereign is a unique platform that guarantees security and confidential, through a set of mechanisms for verifying authenticity, identification, for everyday communication on the Internet. This platform can be quite simply integrated with existing applications: e-mail, in various applications for communication, incl. office, online messengers and popular browsers. The platform is equipped with functions for verification, authenticity and to ensure the level of confidentiality. With the advent of the Vereign platform, scammers will disappear opportunities for phishing, faking messages, committing fraudulent activities or sending spam. The platform will ensure that the user is informed about the achievement and successful delivery of the letter sent from the email to any addressee.

It is well known that e-mail is the most popular means for communication, sending and receiving valuable information, messages. The number of e-mail users has already reached 3.8 billion. Such popularity has also given rise to problems of growth, for example, the use of cyber-attacks, sending malicious messages infected with malicious software, or hacking mail for various kinds of fraudulent and other illegal actions. According to many analysts, the amount of damage caused by such actions is estimated at billions of US dollars. Vereign, based on modern blockchain technologies, introduces new key security standards in a seamless manner based on a decentralized cloud. This method allows you to store and use data with the highest level of data protection, and also allows you to ensure that the security level is not applied anywhere when accessing mail, applications, messengers.

Vereign offers personalized dashboard, where the user controls and determines the so-called “Digital Passports”, a place in the blockchain, where the user will securely store digital data, also sets the level of protection - checks and permissions. The volume of such places may not be one, but several or many. Another function - Passport Vereign uses for authentication the appropriate cryptographic signatures, which will allow to disclose and provide information only to the extent and to those people, as determined by the user. In addition, the cryptographic signature will be constantly changing, which will ensure a high level of data protection. The platform has a function of one-time keys, which will also help avoid unauthorized hacking or installing malicious software. Similar Vereign mechanisms will be used not only when using e-mail, but also to protect communication in popular messengers, etc.

Primarily, Vereign offers its services Roundcube, LibreOffice and Gmail. Thanks to the technologies used by blockchain, email owners receive an unlimited, perpetual archive of their sent and received messages, with a whole range of functions that will provide absolute protection of data from interference or damage. Vereign will ensure that only proper storage is provided, but also to ensure successful delivery of the message, report on the delivery status and the opening of the message.

Currently, the Vereign platform is already available in beta for a limited number of users. We offer everyone to subscribe for access, which is available at

As stated, Vereign is an Open Source software that provides security for messages in the mail and messengers based on the blockchain and the decentralized cloud. Sure, such a platform will be in demand and popular.