VenusEnergy ICO Review

VenusEnergy ICO Review


VenusEnergy ICO is a Lithuanian project aimed at developing technologies for green power generation, i.e. generation of electricity from renewable sources. It is common knowledge that in the course of power generation, various sources of raw materials are mainly used: coal, shale, brown coal, peat, etc. The use of these sources not only leads to pollution of the environment, an increase in the volume of greenhouse gases, but also to an increase in the volume of health problems for people. Various asthmatic, pulmonary diseases, oncology ... According to official statistics, when generating electricity, due to problems of environmental pollution (atmosphere), more than 5 million people die each year. Agree, the volume is impressive.

It is worth mentioning that, according to analysts' forecasts, in the next 10 years electricity consumption will grow by another 15%. One could refer to a possible way to meet this growing demand - the development of nuclear power engineering, but too great a risk to create even greater environmental problems. Undoubtedly, the risks of using nuclear power are enormous. Not an option.

In many ways, the growth in consumption is not simply related to the growth of industrial production and consumption, but also to the development of blockchain technologies. Blockchain technology - have become a leader in the development of technologies in recent years, now many technologies, platforms, services, enterprises and even government bodies are moving to new standards of storage, distribution and processing of information. Therefore, the blockchain technology is doomed to growth and development. These processes fully apply to crypto-mining processes - the production of crypto-currencies. Because many projects and specialists have begun active production of crypto-currency, the growth of demand for cheap and environmentally friendly electric power industry is also increasing.

VenusEnergy plans to create a whole network of wind power plants and solar collectors, which will have to provide for blockchain and crypto-mining - electricity by 20-30% cheaper than any competitors in the energy market. The project suggests using the resources of nature - the sun, the wind. In addition, the project is aimed at researching methods and searching for opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of electricity for crypto-mining and blockchain technology.

According to the project description posted on the official website, the VenusEnergy project provides for the possibility of exchanging resources to improve the efficiency of the Bitcoin production level and other leading crypto-currencies, as well as minimizing energy costs for the purpose of mining the crypto-currency. It is also written that VenusEnergy will provide the capabilities of its platform for the mining of liquid crypto-currencies with lower energy costs. It also provides for the implementation of a whole range of actions on technical research, the creation of technologies and equipment for the green power industry of a new stage.

The creators of VenusEnergy emphasize that they believe in the future of industrial technologies for green power generation, which will certainly help create a cleaner and safer environment. Introducing such technologies, VenusEnergy strives to unite like-minded people who hold the same ecological views and want to increase the efficiency of the crypto-currency mining.

Project Tokenisation

VenusEnergy in the framework of the ICO launches its own Venus token. The creators of VenusEnergy provide for the possibility of free crypto-exchange of the internal token by means of its listing in the Kuna Cryptocurrencies Exchange. In this resource, it will be possible to perform the crypto-exchange operation of the internal token VenusEnergy, its exchange for various resources, and monetization into real money. According to available sources of information, VenusEnergy plans to exchange and pay for green electricity by the internal Venus token. Thus, there is an intention to cheapen the process of mining the cryptocurrency.


At the moment, as far as can be judged from the official source - the VenusEnergy website, ICO is already being actively implemented. VenusEnergy from May 1, 2018, launched the sale of the internal token Venus.

Thus, VenusEnergy intends to generate from the sale of internal token sufficient funds to start developing technologies to increase the efficiency of green electricity, creating a new type of power generating units - wind generators and solar collectors.

Venus Token

We already wrote above that VenusEnergy, implementing the ICO process, released an internal Venus token. Listing and circulation of this token are carried out on the resource Kuna Cryptocurrencies Exchange. The sale of the token started without preliminary sales, almost immediately started selling. The nominal course exchange of the Venus token is set at 0.00002900 ETH. From the sale of the Venus token as Soft cap, it is planned to collect the equivalent of 500,000 US dollars. From Hard cap is planned to gain the equivalent of 50 million US dollars.

VenusEnergy offers potential investors a bonus program, according to which you can buy a Venus token with a bonus of 50%.

Sales of the Venus token will be completed on November 11, 2018. 

Project Team and Legal Framework

It has already been mentioned that the VenusEnergy project is being implemented by a commercial company registered in Lithuania.

The company is headed by Arnoldas Belozaravičius, a graduate of Klaipėda University with education in the field of management. The executive director is Valdas Lukauskas and the financial director Thomas Alishauskas. In the VenusEnergy team, there are 7 more employees and a consultant who have different skills in IT, blockchain, management and finance. It should be noted that among the team of the project, we have not found specialists in the field of green electricity. Considering that this is a rather narrow specialized sphere of professional activity - we think that in the future the team will select the appropriate technical specialists.

All team members have corresponding pages in LinkedIn. Communication with the project VenusEnergy for all members of the team can be traced.

The project partners include CoinInfo, CoinMarkets,,

Information and rating partners also indicate a large number of partner structures. It should be noted that the rating ratings of this project are rather high by the major rating agencies.

On the official website of VenusEnergy - agreement on the use of the token (the main rules and conditions for the project are defined).

Of the minuses

The project has some signs of limited in providing information.

There was no full-fledged registered WP. Trying to resolve all the issues that are usually indicated and determined by the WP in the contract (agreement) is not a good idea. This weakens the marketing and other market advantages of this project, complicates its promotion.

In the project resource, there are no marketing tools for promotion - presentation,

OnePager etc.

There is no separation between the project team and consultants, which creates some confusion in the evaluation of the project - who manages and for what work processes is responsible.


Given the popularity of environmental issues and the needs of blockchain and crypto-mining in the development of a relatively cheap electric power industry, this project has prospects for development. The Venus Token will be provided with new technologies - this is a good basis for future success.

VenusEnergy Rating

VenusEnergy Rating

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