Vacancies of the week: 5 hot job openings from industry leaders

Vacancies of the week: 5 hot job openings from industry leaders

In the modern world, more and more professionals are in demand on the labor market who are well-known for the work with the blockchain. Specialists in this branch of the Internet economy can easily find jobs in young, start-up companies and ICO projects, or join already powerful, branded firms. For the most part, it could be IT or banking services. Constantly they can stumble upon announcements with interesting job offers from such leading companies as JP Morgan Chase, Visa, Citi, or NASDAQ. Also, to the active spheres that use blockchain technology can be attributed to government or health authorities.

Systematically emerges information that influential firms as IBM and Microsoft require a person who is a highly qualified specialist with considerable knowledge of the system of blockchain. Good analytical skills, as well as the ability to predict the situation are a huge plus for someone who is looking for work on this specificity in companies such as The Big 4 and Accenture. It is very important that a person clearly understands his duties and could easily assess the future development of crypto-currency on the market.

Below are the top 5 best vacancies from world-famous brands, in our opinion.

  1. Job: Consultant — Blockchain Developer — Financial Markets

Company: IBM
Country: New York City, Dallas, Chicago, and Baton Rouge, U.S.
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: To work in this company you need to be a professional in your field and be able to provide customers with technical solutions to their problems on a wide variety of platforms (sometimes several at once) that can affect a wide range of industries. Also, you can be recruited if you have experience working on a similar blockchain platform. Which one will be your position at work depends on your skills and diligence. You will be engaged in back-end development, or you will become team`s part of the creators of the front-end — depends only from you.

  1. Job: CT Software Czar

Company: JP Morgan Chase
Country: Jersey City, NJ, US
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: The employee the company is looking for is an architect in the field of computer tomography. Working with Czar software helps to streamline the exploitation of unofficial software. This system leads in-house structured activities in the organization, thereby reducing the number of innovative products that promote the technology of blockchain, but at the same time significantly increasing the quality and correctness of the program.

  1. Job: Blockchain Engineer

Company: Ford Motor Company
Country: Dearborn, U.S.
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: It includes establishing contacts with the company’s internal sectors in the full and the qualitative creation of the blockchain project. This requires an expert who is well-versed in the architecture of this technology and can create quality solutions using the necessary parameters. It means, selection of the necessary platform for creation and provision of the factor, what functionality will be needed for the qualitative development of the project.

  1. Job: Senior Software Engineer — Blockchain

Company: Microsoft
Country: United States, Redmond
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Microsoft is looking for people who are ready to show their potential to the maximum and engage in the introduction of new technologies in all areas of industry. This includes such a wide range of activities as the management of a set of certain institutions, innovations in the system of blockades or unification with other technologies.

  1. Job: Developer

Company: Oracle
Country: US-CA,California- Redwood City
Salary: N/A

Responsibilities: Oracle has very high requirements for its candidates. This is primarily the experience of working in this field for at least 10 years, knowing a fair amount of different programming languages, such as GO, Java or JavaScript. Practical skills of working on the platforms of blockchain, as well as mastering the skills of architecture and development of software applications as a service. Also, a good ability to find and quickly malfunction the program is very helpful.